Allen West, Texas GOP Chairclown of The Clown Car Committee.

When the Supreme Court rejected the Texas lawsuit to “nullify every vote cast in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and direct the legislatures of each state to appoint their electors to Donald Trump,” Republican supporters of Donald Trump donned their adult diapers and shit themselves into a temper tantrum.

Some of them have suggested suspending the Constitution in key states where the Trump team has contested that the votes were too close to call and do a recount. Michael Flynn, Virginia state Senator Amanda Chase, and the My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell, are just a few who have suggested Emperor Trump declare martial law.

After the Texas lawsuit was dismissed, Allen West, the state’s GOP Clownchairman, issued an unhinged statement:’s-response-to-scotus-decision/

Despite the increasing insanity in the Republican party and it’s media apparatus, not all of them have been eager to ride the crazy Train To Trump Town.

After West released his statement, Representative Adam Kinzinger tweeted:

“I believe @TexasGOP should immediately retract this, apologize , and fire Allen West and anyone else associated with this. My guy, Abraham Lincoln and the Union soldiers already told you no.”

Democratic Senator Brian Schatz tweeted:

“The Texas Republican party is in favor of leaving the Union. They have lost their minds. Biden will be president, but these people are deadly serious about secession and sedition. And this is the only question that media should ask any elected Republican tomorrow.”

Conservative media figures have also been talking about secession. Rush Limburger said recently on his radio show that “the country has been trending toward secession.” Rush, as always, is full of shit. Only the crazies have been calling for it. “It can’t go on this way,” he said. “There cannot be a peaceful co-existence of two two completely different theories of life, theories of government, theories about how we manage our affairs. We cannot be in this dire a conflict without something giving along the way.”

In a way he’s right. There is no peaceful co-existence between the left and the right. The right – and when I say “the right” that goes not only for the so-called alt right, but the mainstream conservative right, both of which share many of the same beliefs – is completely unreasonable and unhinged. They love reminding us that the Democratic party is still the party of the KKK, often employing racial rhetoric such as “slavery” and “plantation” in regards to government programs that alleviate poverty; they are far more conspiratorial than anything that exists on the left, such as Benghazi, and the countless anti-Obama conspiracies that “supposedly” had nothing to do with his race or name, but rather with his – completely fabricated – “radical Marxist policies and ideology” like Obamacare.

Texas state Representative Kyle Biedermann wrote on his Facebook page,”That is why I am committing to file legislation this session that will allow a referendum to give Texans a vote for the state of Texas to reassert it’s status as an independent nation.”

The “We The People Convention” a Tea Party affiliated group took out a full-page ad in the Washington Times also urging Trump to suspend the Constitution. I won’t go through most of the article, but to highlight some of the bullshit it contains:

“We have well-funded, armed and trained Marxists in ANTIFA and BLM strategically positioned in our major cities acting openly with violence to silence opposition to their anti-American agenda. Attacking federal buildings and police, cowardly punching innocent people in the back of the head, assaulting people just eating in restaurants, and burning minority-owned businesses to the ground…

“Then there are admitted Democrat/Socialist federal officials plotting to finish hitting the US Constitution after 100 years of trying. They promise to take away critical individual rights like free speech, religious freedom,  and the second amendment; destroy states rights by eliminating the electoral college and more, pack the Supreme Court with activist anti-Constitutional judges who will make law from the bench; give the right to vote to tens of millions of non-Americans; and open borders to more illegals which will reduce wages…

Not only do we have a corrupt media like in Lincoln’s day, we have a new and more sinister form of media in Big Tech, actively censoring free speech and promoting leftist propaganda  to blind our citizens to their real goals and the real consequences of their actions – the end of America as we have known it.”

Regarding Antifa and Black Lives Matter: they are neither terrorists, nor Marxists. They are two different entities that right-wing media and Republicans have smeared as anti-American. If you really want to see who is anti-American, anti-liberty, look no further than the Republican party – especially under Donald “Abraham Lincoln” Trump – and its media apparatus – Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN.

Antifa simply stands for anti-fascist. I’ve explained this before and I will explain it again and keep repeating it: it is not an organization of black clad terrorists who have offices and chapters in every city. It’s not a group that can be joined, or that recruits members. It is college kids and young activists who show up to disrupt the activities of fascists and neo-Nazis. The assertion that Antifa are the real fascists, is particularly telling. Conservatives have made this absurd claim because they are not willing to admit that they themselves are fascists. By claiming that Antifa – who are anti-fascist – are the actual fascists, the right can justify their own violence. Which is what they have been doing since the beginning of the Trump presidency.

Furthermore, the assertion that they are “well-funded, armed and trained Marxists strategically positioned in major cities to carry out violence, and are burning down cities,” is also laughable. Only the most ill-iniformed Fox News, Newsmax watching Doofus who has been propagandized to believe George Soros is the puppet master behind everything, would believe it. Who are the real terrorists? If you want to see real terrorists, look no further than the Proud Boys, who are Trump supporters. These clowns actually do arm themselves and do terrorize and assault people who don’t support Trump. They were doing just that during the Million MAGA Moron March. But right-wing media, true to form, portrayed Trump supporters as the victims of leftist violence.

As for Black Lives Matter, they are neither terrorists, nor Marxists. Anything or anyone conservatives don’t like they brand as Marxists and communists, which tells you where they stand – with fascism. They’ve labeled the entire Democrat party – a party of corporate centrists – as radical Marxist communists that want to eliminate free speech, individual rights, religious freedom and the second amendment, which is also absurd. Who really wants to curb free speech?… Look no further than the party of law and order. There isn’t one Democrat calling for any of those things. Nor have they advocated for stacking the SC with radical leftist judges – Republicans already did that, with real radicals – and they have never advocated for the right of illegal immigrants to vote.

The ad ends with this ironic gem of hypocrisy:

“You ( addressing Trump here ) must also act, like Lincoln did, to silence the destructive  media’s one-sided propaganda designed and proven to influence the election outcome, and end the unlawful censorship of Big Tech, to restore the confidence of the American people in our electoral process or we cannot continue as a nation. Failure to do so could result in massive violence on a level not seen since the Civil War. Limitless martial law is clearly a better option than Civil War!”

Not only are these clowns calling for suspending  the Constitution for a re-count of votes in an election that Trump clearly lost, but silencing any media that doesn’t kiss his narcissistic ego and delusions of grandeur, and a civil war if they don’t get what they want!

The irony of accusing the left of being hostile to democracy, free speech, religious liberty, and the Constitution, goes right over their heads.

Texas GOP Chairman Allen West And Fellow Clowns Call For Secession After Supreme Court Rejects Election Lawsuit

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Allen West : Wing Nut Guardian Of The Republic

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Conservatives have their own race card dealer , and he knows how to use it.

Allen West is a crazy Tea Party Republican , and former Congressman of Florida who served one term from 2011 to 2013. He was defeated for reelection by Patrick Murphy in 2012. 

In 2013 Fox News hired him as a political commentator , even though his knowledge of politics is questionable. He’s also a fervent gun nut and NRA board member who believes that the second amendment was written specifically for the overthrow of the federal government should it ever become tyrannical , which in the minds of wing nuts like West , it already has , because “Barack Hussein Obama” is in the White House. 

Like most of his fellow Tea Partiers , he believes Obama is a America hating , Alinsky – Ayers – Davis inspired Marxist socialist with a soft spot in his heart for radical Islamic terrorists. He’s also a master at playing the race card whenever it’s convenient ( which happens to be quite often ) , which is not only ironic , but quite laughable since he’s always accusing liberals and president Obama of doing the same.  

His followers and fans fawn over him adoringly , and accept everything he says as the gospel truth , as if he were a God send to both the Tea and Republican Parties.    

West has made some outrageous claims over the years that prove his mind has turned to mush : 

Aviary Photo_131152440433160494

House Democrats are communists.  Speaking at a town hall meeting in April 2012 , West made a fool of himself , as he’s done on many occasions , when he  claimed that the majority of Democrats in Congress were card-carrying communists. Of course , he didn’t mention any names. West is the typical Tea Party bomb thrower. Throw something out and hope it sticks , and with a ridiculous statement such as this one , it stuck like glue.  Politifact investigated his claim , and rated it pants on fire.
Soledad O’Brien on CNN challenged him on his claim , but he refused to name any names , proving that he is nothing more than a bomb throwing agitator.

Aviary Photo_131152616372267906

Goebbels would be proud of Democrats. To space cadets like West , liberals and Democrats are either communists or Nazis , or both. They can’t seem to make up their minds , and  they often fail to make a distinction between the two. On this occasion , apparently upset over a poll that Americans blamed Republicans more than Democrats for failing to get anything done in Congress , West lashed out at the Democratic Party saying that “Goebbels would be proud of their propaganda machine.” Of course it was business as usual with Allen West , another classic case of projection.  He managed to piss off both the National Jewish Democratic Council , and the Anti Defamation League. He also managed to pull the victim card , blaming reporters for twisting his words , which were well within context.  

Aviary Photo_131152438449596958
The master of demagoguery accusing Obama of demagoguery. It’s amazing he isn’t blinded by the glaring irony.

Barack Obama is a socialist agitator.   It always goes back to Alinsky and Ayers. Since Obama campaigned for the presidency , Conservatives have had an unhealthy obsession with both Ayers and Alinsky , and have been determined to find some kind of damning link between the three of them. Because Barack Obama was involved with ACORN and his hometown community of Chicago in his younger days , that automatically made him a socialist communist? By that logic , anyone who is involved in their communities must be  socialist agitators. 

Aviary Photo_131152436597619926

Obama supporters are a threat to the gene pool. Anyone who takes what Allen West says as fact , is even more of a space cadet than he is. Allen West , and his supporters are the only threat to the gene pool. 

Aviary Photo_131152439758127938

I am your modern-day Harriet Tubman. Apparently Allen West is Harriet Tubman , Martin Luther King , Gandhi , Jesus Christ , and Moses , who will lead black Americans from the racist Democrat plantation to the promised land of freedom , the Republican Party , which is flowing with milk and honey , where unicorns soar through rainbows. Like most Republicans , West believes the Democratic Party is part of the racist South , and that the Southern Strategy is just another liberal myth.    

Aviary Photo_131153256542338467

Religious co-existence will destroy America. There is one bumper sticker in America that enrages Allen West more than the Obama sticker. The religious co-exist sticker is even more of an outrage. West has no love for Islam , or any religion other than Christianity. Being a Christian himself ( or so he claims ) , he believes America is a Christian nation where only Christians should have rights , and that the government should grant Christians special rights over other religions. He believes that Islam has infiltrated every aspect of American life , and that it is slowly but surely taking over the country , and that “Barack Hussein Obama” is the Infiltrater In Chief. 

 Aviary Photo_131153256410221464

Sharia law comes to Wal-Mart. West is also a master at playing the victim card. He once posted on his blog that he had been a victim of sharia law at a Dallas Wal-Mart store. During a shopping visit with his daughter , he was attempting to purchase alcohol from a young Muslim employee whose name was not Steve. The employee refused to make the purchase , because apparently he was under age , and West blew his top , posting his outrageous experience on his website. Supposedly , his daughter asked why “Not Steve” could refuse service based on his religious beliefs , but Christians were forced to do just the opposite.
Apparently , West later contacted the store and discovered that “Not Steve” was under twenty-one, and updated the title to the post to , “More Ominous Signs Of Christian Persecution”. Wackos like West believe that Christians are under assault from “Barack Hussein Obama” , Democrats , and the liberal media , even though there is no such assault. 

Get the hell out of America. During a GOP Lincoln day dinner at Tony Kravis Center in Palm Beach Florida , West told Obama , Harry Reid , and Nancy Pelosi to get the hell out of America with their message of equality , achievement , economic dependency , of enslaving the will of the American people , and take it to the bottom of the sea , take it to Europe , or take it to the North Pole , but get the hell out!
In other words , if you’re not a Conservative and don’t believe in our values and principles , you’re not a real American.       

Aviary Photo_131153281843393237

Aviary Photo_131152473726522188

Aviary Photo_131152473148932422
Conservatives like West perpetually play the victim card as they accuse liberals and Democrats of doing the same.

More Allen West craziness : he’s also accused the president of siding with ISIS , who , he claimed , supports an Islamic caliphate ; once claimed that the Democratic Party has always been about fear mongering , and are the party of segregation , Jim Crow , intimidation , and voter fraud ; American news agencies should be censored ; some random dude on a plane told him the real story of what happened in Benghazi ; and that Obama was out to get white people because of a tanning tax in the Affordable Health Care Act. 

A mind is a terrible thing to waste , and in my opinion , West has wasted his political career spouting nonsense that only like-minded wing nuts would find credible.     

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Proof That Obama Is Worse Than Hitler

Aviary Photo_131152420023978685Dr. Ben Carson once claimed that Obama care was comparable to slavery. With it’s proven death panels , the taxes patriotic Americans have been forced to pay on it , and the coverage they have lost due to the new law , has been a travesty. He was definitely correct in making the comparison.

  From the very beginning , the Obama administration has held America hostage with its dictatorial laws and executive orders. The constitution means nothing to them. It has been spit upon , defecated on , and ripped to shreds on a daily basis by Obama and his evil communist administration.  From Planned Parenthood , to his open and shameful support of the militant gay rights movement , to his support of a nuclear arms program for Iran , this president has shown time and time again just how much he hates America , and despises true patriotic Americans even more.

  “I believe that the Obama administration wants to control us all ,” Ben Carson told me in a recent interview. “I believe that it is his intent to take over the United States and make this great nation a soviet style dictatorship , and set himself up as Czar Obama. With Obama care , and same – sex marriage , we’re just beginning to see the tip of the iceberg of this dictatorship. And it will only get worse.”

   My source in the White House echoed similar sentiments. “With Obama care , same – sex marriage , and now this situation with the Planned Parenthood videos , the president is behaving just like Hitler behaved in Germany during World War two ,” she said. “It won’t be long until patriotic gun loving , tea party Americans , are rounded up and thrown into concentration camps like the Jews were.  It will definitely happen! Mark my words! We’re not crack pots and idiots , who believe this , like the communist liberals progressives think we are. It will happen. And I believe it will happen during this so – called Jade Helm 15 exercise , which is not an exercise at all , but a full-scale invasion. Chuck Norris  warned us this would happen. Obama has a little more than a year left in office. I believe he’s waiting for the last possible moment , so he can try to fool us into believing it won’t happen , so he can say , ‘I got these fools right where I want them.’ And then the crap hits the fan , and we’re all doomed.

  “He’s preparing for it even now as we speak ,” she continued. “Not too long ago , I witnessed a particularly disturbing incident in the Oval office , which proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is preparing for world conquest. Conservatives know that he’s a big fan of Hitler.  Any well-informed American can see that he’s been doing so many things that Hitler did. He recites Muslim prayers in the White House on a daily basis – he is a Muslim after all –  he supports Muslim terrorists by sending them not only money , but flowers , love letters , and all kinds of goodies , via drones , and with FTD. He shreds copies of the constitution in the Oval office and laughs while he does it , like the true tyrant he is. And he shamelessly supports the evil LGBT community , which are always persecuting Christians. But thank God he won’t get away with it much longer. His reign of terror is almost over.

  “The other day , I saw him wearing a Nazi uniform that he bought at an auction. He also has a portrait of Hitler in the Oval office. He likes to wear it and salute the portrait when he thinks no one is looking. But he’s not fooling everybody. There are some of us who have seen him doing these disgusting things with our own eyes , and we’re not letting him get away with it.”

  And that is the purpose of this blog. To spread the truth about Obama.

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To Al-Qaeda With Love : How Barack Hussein Obama Aids Terrorists With Drones

Aviary Photo_131152420023978685

Practically from the moment Obama took office , he has openly given his support to Muslim terrorists. Most notably , his buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood. For those of you who think that Obama is droning Al Qaeda with bombs , think again. This is what the communist liberal media wants you to believe. And gullible liberals and progressives fall for it , hook , line and sinker. But those who have opposed him from the beginning , know the truth about him , despite the attempts of the liberal media to make a saint of him. They fawn over every word that comes out of his mouth , while ignoring the truth reported by Conservative media.

   Recently , I spoke with a friend of mine who works at the White House. She revealed some very disturbing information about the president , information that if most Americans were aware of , would be shocked and deeply disturbed about. I’ve known this friend for many years and I have no reason to doubt her sincerity. Here is what she had to say :

   “Most Americans are under the impression that the president has been bombing Muslim terrorists with drone strikes. But nothing could be further from the truth. He is droning them , but not in the way they think. Instead of  drones loaded with bombs , they are loaded with tons of flowers! That’s right. Flowers. Those terrorists love their flowers and Obama loves sending them. We know this because they’re always sending requests for certain types of flowers , and the president is always quick to honor those requests. Sometimes its roses , and sometimes it’s orchids , but most of all , it’s pansies , because we know for a fact that those Al Qaeda terrorists are mostly gay – and everyone knows that gays just adore pansies –  and received their training from the communist and Nazi parties of America , and especially the LGBT community , which has close ties with the Nazi’s.

   “And it’s not just flowers. He’s also been sending them greeting cards along with the flowers! He has included  father’s day cards in these deliveries , birthday cards , holiday cards , and valentines day cards – he is gay , after all. I’ve been telling my friends this for years , and anyone who will listen , but it seems the only ones who believe me are Conservatives and Republicans , who actually know the truth about him. Communist liberals and progressives think I’m crazy. I have friends who believe that I’m just making this stuff up. That all of us who oppose him are just making everything up about him , because of the color of his skin , or the fact that he has a Muslim name. But that’s not the case. We know for a fact that he’s a militant gay , terrorist loving Muslim. These are known facts , which have never been debunked by the liberal media. Fox News says so. Glen Beck says so. Rush Limbaugh says so. And Sarah Palin says so. These people are experts at politics and truth , and they would never lie to us. That’s the communist liberal medias job.”

   I also spoke with Sarah Palin , and Rush Limbaugh on the issue Obama’s treasonous behavior concerning the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda.

   Palin : “We’ve known for some time that he’s been in bed – literally , he is gay , you know – with the Muslim Brotherhood , and also Al Qaeda. The White House is full of his Muslim brotherhood buddies – who are free to practice their Godless religion in the Oval office for God sake – and  we know that they’re influencing every one of his evil policies , which is why every one of them have failed miserably , from Obama Care to same – sex marriage , to his pro nuke deal with Iran.  And it was probably their idea to convince him to send flowers and greeting cards to their friends and relatives in Iran and Iraq. He probably gives flowers and cards to them in the White House , too.”

  Rush Limbaugh took it one step farther. “In addition to sending them flowers and love cards , I wouldn’t be surprised if he was also sending candy , cookies and other assorted goodies along with those flowers. I wouldn’t put it past Barack The Magic Negro.”

  Nor would I.