This Week In Fox News: Jesse Watters Edition/ “Joe Biden Rigged The Entire Election, But Can’t Remember How He Did It Because He Has Dementia”

Clay Travis, host of Fox News’ Outkick, appeared recently on Watters’ World with host Jesse Watters to discuss how Joe Biden stole the 2020 election.

Clay Travis: “Let’s be clear about the facts here, Jesse. Joe Biden and the Democrats rigged the entire election for Joe Biden. Then they covered their a**es by claiming that Fox News and others made up the whole thing, the voting machines, Dominion, blah, blah, blah. We know the narrative.”

Jesse Watters: “Yeah, that’s right. And then the mainstream media and the Democrats claimed that we knew we were lying about the whole thing and just didn’t care that we were lying. That’s insane. I mean, how insane does that sound?”

Clay Travis: “Yeah, pretty insane, Jesse. The real insanity is that Joe Biden is an accidental president, and I mean that literally, and I’ll explain what I mean by that. He literally stumbled into the White House and the media, and the Democrats said, ‘Hey Joe, whadya know? You’re the Democratic candidate. Wanna be president? And Joe was like, ‘Uh… Uh… What?’

“They hid him in his basement, where he sat there drooling in the dark, until Jill woke him up and said, ‘Hey Joe, they want you to be president. Let’s go to the White House.’ So Jill took him to the White House, where he literally stumbled going up the steps like he did that time when he fell going up the steps to Air Force One.

“And that’s how he became president. And he only won by 20,000 votes after they rigged the entire election, after they hid everything associated with Hunter Biden, the media and the Democrat collusion that all worked in his favor, okay? He just can’t remember because he has dementia.”

Jesse Watters: “Ain’t that the truth.”

Source: Media Matters.


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