Charlie Kirk Can’t Speak Coherently, So He Wears A Diaper

In the years since Charlie Kirk founded TPUSA, he has become the poster boy for a conservative movement and an entire political party that see themselves as endless victims of liberal intolerance, who dare criticize his intolerance and make him the butt of endless jokes.

In 2017, Kirk – ever the great American Patriot, and long-suffering Republican – adopted a new gimmick to emphasize just how cruel and intolerant liberals and the left have become.

That gimmick is wearing diapers.

Now, one might ask: how does a Republican wearing diapers prove that the left are the real snowflakes? To understand conservative logic you have to go back to one particular incident that took place on the campus of Kent State University. This incident was a protest of safe spaces that were supposed havens of liberal intolerance where conservatives have never been allowed to express their opinions in any way shape or form, and where every class instructor was a secret Marxist indoctrinating students with Marxist propaganda.

The protest was a big failure for TPUSA. The idea was to portray the left as babies and snowflakes who are intolerant of conservative opinions. It wound up proving the opposite, however, that conservatives like Kirk and his gullible followers are the actual snowflakes and babies. They literally wore diapers to make their point.

Since that protest, Kirk and his organization have been involved in their share of controversies. From accusations of racism from former members of the organization, to publishing the names and addresses of instructors on a “professor watch list,” subjecting them to harassment and death threats.

In the years following the diaper protest, TPUSA has cranked out endless online memes featuring captions such as Socialism Sucks, Taxation Is Theft, Guns Save Lives, There Are No Safe Spaces, and the like. Kirk and his organization have also been the butt of endless jokes. Their online memes have been mercilessly satirized with Kirk and cohorts wearing adult diapers and straw-manning liberal arguments.

Since the embarrassing diaper incident, Kirk himself has been involved in similar embarrassing incidents. In a 2018 Politicon appearance, Kirk’s pants fell down during a debate with the Young Turk’s Hasan Piker, revealing a pair of adult diapers.

In 2020, Kirk and company were triggered by liberal anti-Trump protesters on the campus of Kent State, and responded with their own counter protest by literally soiling their diapers. He later appeared on Carlson Tonight to spin the incident as nothing more than leftist actors attempting to frame himself and his organization.

In 2019, Kirk became the latest celebrity to endorse the Pampers brand of adult line of diapers, replacing Chrissy Teigen, earning himself over 2 million in promotion.

These days, Kirk occupies his time on his radio show railing against non-existent vaccine mandates, berating Fauci as a murderous tyrant for unleashing the virus on the world, and condemning trans people and drag queens as plagues on American society.

“I’ve been accused of so much shit from the left that I’m forced to counter with my own shit,” he told the Weekly News. “Every time a liberal or the leftist media lies about me, I take a dump to remind myself of the contempt I feel for them.”

He unzipped his fly and pulled down his pants, revealing a pair of adult Pampers. The borders along the waist and legs were lined with a continuous parade of what appeared to be the SpongeBob character Squidward, squirting a brownish goo out of a gun-like devise. But Kirk explained that it was actually the SpongeTed Squishy Pants character that Ted Nugent had designed for his organization, and the gun was actually his beloved guitar, Adelaide.

“I’ve taken so many dumps in these things,” he said. “Big massive dumps, and I’m not ashamed or embarrassed to admit it. And I’ll continue to take big massive dumps until they stop lying about me.”


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