Fox And Friends, And Other Idiots: “Something Doesn’t Add Up In The Paul Pelosi Attack”

“The Democratic party, I think, is largely brain-dead… reacting like children who don’t get their way. By the way, my next film will be about how Paul Pelosi was having a threesome with Bert and Ernie of Sesame Street. It’s all true. DePape found out about it, I think, which is why he attacked Pelosi with a hammer.

Early on the morning of October 28, David DePape broke into and entered the private San Francisco residence of Democratic speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul. DePape was alleged to be armed with a hammer, with wich he used to smash in a downstairs window, and then subsequently assault the elderly Mr. Pelosi.

According to the police interview, DePape claimed to have confronted Mr. Pelosi in a third floor bedroom and demanded to see Nancy. Mr. Pelosi apparently told the intruder that he intended to use the restroom, dialing 911 on his cell. Leaving the line open, he asked the intruder what he wanted, apparently alerting the dispatch operator to send police to the Pelosi residence.

DePape and the elderly Pelosi struggled, with DePape seizing the hammer and striking Mr. Pelosi violently on his skull. Police subdued DePape and arrested him, later discovering duct tape, zip ties and other items which he had apparently stored in a back pack.

Immediately after the assault – as is conservative media’s brand and signature – Republicans created an alternate narrative about the incident. Republicans, including politicians and their media mouth pieces, have nothing of value in the way of policy to offer to the their audience. All they have are lies, misinformation, conspiracies, and culture war nonsense. They know that a certain sector of their voting base doesn’t care about truth or policy. They know much of their base only care about culture war BS and owning the libs. So, instead of reporting that DePape was influenced by conspiracies of global elites, a stolen election, and COVID anti-vaccine BS, he became the elderly Pelosi’s gay lover. It was a predictable conclusion: what else could they do? Admit the truth? That he desired to physically harm Nancy Pelosi?

“It is what has become a familiar arc: A mentally unstable person becomes increasingly radicalized by right-wing disinformation and conspiracy theories. Despite DePape’s purported mental illness, this was obviously politically motivated violence: He sought out the Speaker of the House, who Republicans have sought to transform into one of the most vilified people in American political history. DePape reportedly confirmed as much to investigators.” – New Republic.

“The right-wing media echo chamber has made Pelosi into a larger- than-life villian and evil doer who must be removed from power by any means necessary, in order to “save America.” The antisemitic QAnon conspiracy cult, with it’s deranged fantasies about Democrats and liberal celebrities who murder children and drink their blood, has also stoked hatred of Pelosi.

“In effect, there is an entire right-wing new propaganda machine feeding it’s consumers a fantastical narrative in which ( Nancy ) Pelosi is a starring villian – along with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and other leading Democrats – and “patriotic” Americans face an existential struggle to save “their country” and its “traditional values” from socialism, wokeness, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and so on.

“It’s abundantly clear that on Jan. 6, many Trump supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol had the intention of kidnapping or lynching Pelosi, as well as Vice President Pence, AOC and whoever else they deemed to be the enemy.” – Salon.

But something “doesn’t add up” according to certain idiots at Fox News. In other words, it doesn’t make any sense. Who would want to kill or harm Nancy Pelosi? Certainly not Republicans, who have all the love in the world for her.

The only narrative that really makes any sense, according to another Republican idiot – and convicted felon – Dinesh D’Souza, is that DePape was actually, “1. An assailant in his underpants. 2. Paul Pelosi knows his name and tells police he’s a “friend.” 3. Assailant asks “where’s Nancy?” to make sure she’s not home. 4. Pelosi takes bathroom break from spat and makes 911 call.

Conclusion: This guy was a sex partner or male prostitute.”

So, according to D’Souza, we can “Forget the speculative nonsense in the media. Given the available facts,” he believes he’s “in a position to solve the mystery of Paul Pelosi and his assailant David DePape.”

Just as he solved the mystery of the two thousand mules to prove that Trump really won the election.


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