Tucker Carlson Says Joe Biden Is Imprisoning People For Thinking Outside The Box

There is a lot going on in the news this week. Russia is still in the Ukraine, committing war crimes against the people; flash floods in the Philippines and other places have killed hundreds; the world’s richest man has finally acquired Twitter; and Nancy Pelosi’s husband was violently attacked by a peaceful Trump supporter in their San Francisco residence.

But according to Tucker Carlson, nothing is as important as the mistreatment of all the peaceful patriots who tried to prevent the process of a democratic election, patriots who were so incensed that their cult leader, Donald Trump, wasn’t declared the winner, that they had no choice but to show up at the Capitol, ready and willing to kill anyone in Congress who didn’t agree that he won in a landslide.

During his Tuesday night broadcast, Carlson said:

"Here is the truth: Joe Biden's Justice Department is Imprisoning people for having the wrong thoughts, thoughts that we all imagined were Constitutionally protected, as all thoughts are.

"But don't take our word for it. That's not just a right-wing talking point on a cable channel. You can read the court findings in January 6th cases over the past year and a half. And in virtually every instance, federal prosecutors have argued in public that the political views of the defendants - not anything they actually did, not crimes they committed - but instead their personal beliefs, what they think - those beliefs are enough to put them behind bars.

"In other words, none of these defendants have been prosecuted and imprisoned for anything they actually did - such as breaking into the Capitol, beating up a Capitol police officer or throwing feces, or taking a dump on Nancy Pelosi's desk. But for simply 'believing' that the election was rigged. Yes, you heard that right.

"And if you think I'm making the whole thing up, let me tell you, I should know: it's happened to me countless times. Every time I speak the truth, I get cancelled, criticized, and called a liar, a racist, and a bigot. And that's just like being in prison."


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