Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Tells Sean Hannity That President Biden’s Immigration Policy Is Like The Zombie Apocalypse In That Brad Pitt Movie

In response to the backlash Florida governor Ron DeSantis received due to his political stunt of flying Asylum seekers to Martha’s Vineyard to “Own the libs,” DeSantis ran to his safe space at Fox News to complain that he was being treated unfairly by liberals.

As a result of that backlash, a lawsuit was filed against DeSantis’s office, alleging that they were lied to. Governor DeSantis did not bring up the lawsuit filed on behalf of the migrants, but he did compare president Biden’s “open border” policies to a zombie apocalypse.

“It’s really frustrating, Sean,” he said. “Millions of people since Biden’s been president, illegally coming across the southern border. Did they freak out about that? No.

“We had 50 migrants die in Texas in a trailer because they all crammed themselves into it like sardines, and couldn’t get out, so they suffocated to death. They had to be pried out with a blow torch.

“Then we had illegal aliens from… who knows, maybe Saturn, and they managed to get across that southern border and went on a killing and raping spree. Some of them, I was told, demanded their victims to speak their language – whatever that is. Was there any type of outrage about that? Certainly not.

“We not only have millions of people that have crossed the border since Biden’s been president, but you have millions crossing daily, and in some of these cases they have been coming from places like Mars, Jupiter and other planets – and it’s all thanks to his “open border” policies.

“Border patrol, ICE, local authorities, the Space Force that was created by president Trump, and even my office can’t do anything about it because Biden won’t let us do anything. It’s like we have invisible chains on us at all times preventing us from doing what we know needs to be done.

“We know we need to stop these hordes of invaders, who are like those zombies in that Brad Pitt movie, Z Nation – “

“I might be mistaken, but it might be World War Z,” Hannity corrected him.

“Right, Sean, World War Z – where all those zombies just keep coming and coming over the wall no matter how many they kill- in the millions and millions – and these invaders just keep coming and coming over the wall in millions and millions, no matter how many they kill. But instead of eating brains, they come here to eat babies, steal jobs, plunder and rape and pillage, indoctrinate our kids with CRT, listen to rap music, Snoop Dog, Britney Spears while they’re doing it, and force all of us to listen to it too, while they also force us to wear saggy pants, and wear baseball caps backwards.

“But it’s frustrating, Sean, because there’s nothing we can do. We have no choice but to stand by and watch while those border patrol guys – who are probably illegal aliens themselves – open the borders and ushers them all in with open arms, giving each and every one of them Welfare, free housing, free education, and all kinds of other freebies, and then sends them off to free shopping sprees at Walmart, which you and I have to pay for.

Hannity solemnly nodded in agreement.

“That’s Joe Biden’s open border policy. Liberals think we just made it all up because we’re racist and xenophobic – whatever that means. But it’s not a lie. The borders have these exact words written on them, Sean: ‘To all illegal aliens whether you’re from Mexico, Guatemala, or even Mars or Uranus – you are all welcome here! Joe Biden and the Democrats want you to know that you can come here and collect welfare, Snap, steal jobs and everything else you can think of from American citizens who are just lazy and entitled elites.’

“That’s what’s written on the borders. I’m not making it up. Anyone can go down to the border and see these words themselves. And these illegal aliens see these words, Sean, and they come her like neverending hordes of the undead to prey on us all. It’s not made up, it’s not a lie. And it’s frustrating that these wealthy elite liberals call me and the governor’s of other southern states racist and hypocrite for doing what we did, when they did the exact same thing by deporting these illegal aliens back to Mars and Jupiter, Uranus and whatever other planets they came from – maybe even Mexico – with the National Guard! Give me a break!”

Source: New York Post.


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