Republican Governors Continue Racist Political Stunt Of Bussing Migrants Into “Liberal-Run Cities”

In the early days of the pandemic the Trump administration enacted title 42. Title 42 is a code, or provision of U.S. laws regarding civil rights, social welfare, and public health. The Trump administration enacted the provision to prevent migrants, who might be carrying a contagion, into the U.S.

Recently, the Biden administration attempted to lift Title 42, but was met with a lawsuit by a number of red states. A federal judge ruled that Title 42 will remain in effect for now.

“The Biden-Harris administration continues ignoring and denying the historic crisis at our southern border, which has endangered and overwhelmed Texas communities for almost two years,” Greg Abbott said this week. “Our supposed border Czar, vice president Kamala Harris, has yet to even visit the border to see first hand the impact of the open border policies she has helped implement, even going so far as to claim that the border is ‘secure.’ “

“I’ve got news for New York,” Abbott said. “I’ve got news for Washington DC, as well as the rest of the country. We are not done yet. There are more cities on our list and we will keep those buses going. We’re going to keep sending those buses up there until they fully understand and, most importantly, until the Biden administration does it’s job to enforce the laws concerning the border.”

I’ve got news for Greg Abbott, and Doug Ducey, both of whom seem to be clueless to a certain fact: They are responsible for border security in their states. But instead of taking responsibility for their failures to secure the borders in their states, they resort to childish behavior by blaming Biden and pulling political stunts.

As for Ron DeSantis, who does not govern a border state, he not just a bigot, he’s an idiot.

Despite the Biden administration doing it’s job to “secure the border,” continuing to follow Title 42, and having expelled far more migrants than the previous administration, it’s impossible to convince a single MAGA-worshipping Republican that the southern border is just as secure under the ‘socialist’ Joe Biden, as it was under Trump. Right-wing talking heads never cease repeating the idiotic talking point that Biden and the Democrats have “an open border” policy.

According to the Cato Institute, a conservative think tank, Joe Biden’s immigration policy is far from “open”:

“Practically since his first week in office, president Biden has faced repeated criticism from Republicans and some Democrats that his border policy amounts to “open borders.” This criticism is not simply inaccurate: it is unhinged from reality in a way that it distinguishes itself from normal political hyperbole. Indeed, U.S. immigration policy is effectively closed borders, and Biden’s immigration policies are largely the same as those of Donald Trump…

“President Biden has not suddenly ended America’s immigration prohibition and opened up U.S. borders to almost anyone who wants to come in…”

And yet, despite reality having a liberal bias, right-wing media and politicians continue with this absurd talking point. Each and every time they repeat this nonsense, one can imagine their outraged viewers envisioning hordes of screaming migrants rushing across the southern border with no resistance from border patrol agents. These images are deliberate; they want their viewers to think of migrants as criminals.

According to Republican talking heads like Tucker Carlson, these hordes of migrants then go on crime sprees, raping, pillaging, murdering, eating babies and driving Texas residents from their homes, while law enforcement and Greg Abbott are forced to stand by helplessly and watch because Biden’s “open border” policy prevents them from enforcing the law. And because Joe Biden and the Democrats allow this to happen, Republican Governors want you to know that they have no other choice but to round up and bus these hordes of “criminal invaders” to the doorsteps of former liberal politicians and liberal-run cities to prove that… well, even they don’t know what they’re trying to prove. But anyone who doesn’t consume a daily diet of Fox News and other right-wing media, can see that it has virtually nothing to do with fighting crime. Operation Lone Star initiative – as the Daily Beast recently noted – is nothing more than a racist political stunt masquerading as an immigration policy.

Sources: The Texas Tribune, The Cato Institute, Daily Beast.


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