Don’t Watch The January 06 Committee Hearings; Watch Mark Levin Instead As He Screeches In His Nasal Voice

On the January 21 broadcast of his Westwood One radio show, the host of  Life, Liberty & Levin, told his audience of eight listeners not to watch the January 06 hearings because he said so.

“You know what? Nobody cares, and that’s the truth, nobody should care!” His screeching, nasal tone created a feedback loop. “God damn it, that’s annoying! Cut it out!”

Wincing, he slapped at the mic, creating another round of screeching feedback. He eyed it suspiciously for a moment.

“OK, folks, I think got it. Now, as I was saying, don’t watch the January 06 Committee Hearings! Watch me instead! I’ll tell you what you really need to know! I’ll give you the real facts! I’ll tell you who the real criminals are!

“Obama, that’s who! He’s still trying to destroy everything we hold dear in America! He’s still trying to wiretap Trump’s phone! He’s still trying to fit into those God awful Mom Jeans! He’s still wearing those God awful tan suits! He’s still taking too many vacations! He’s still playing too much golf! Americans can’t stand it anymore! When will it ever end?!

“Then there’s Stephen Colbert and crew! They’re the real criminals, not the patriots who tried to stop a stolen election! They’re the one’s who broke into the Capitol and committed a coup, an Insurrection, not the Trump supporters who were invited in for a real photo shoot and interviews! They were there to disrupt Congress from doing it’s job! They were there to terrorize people like Marjory Taylor Greene! And like Tucker Carlson said, that smirking little weasel, Triumph the insult Comic dog – who I have no doubt is a Marxist puppet – put them up to it!

“Yeah, that’s right, I said it! Prove me wrong!”

Mr. Producer: “Actually, it’s just a puppet, and they were there to film scenes for a bit sketch.”

“Shut up, Mr. Producer! Why do you keep contradicting me?!”


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