Tucker Carlson Asks His Audience, “Where’s The Outrage When A Comic Dog Defecates On The Constitution?”

After learning that Stephen Colbert and crew were arrested last week on Capitol grounds, Tucker Carlson accused the Late Night host of breaking and entering, inciting a riot and an insurrection worse than the Trump-loving mob that stormed it to prevent Congress from certifying state electoral votes for Biden.

Apparently, Colbert and his production crew were there to film scenes and conduct interviews for a bit segment for his Late Night show about the Jan. 06 hearings. However, the following night the Tucker Carlson Tonight host asked his viewers why the liberal elites in the media were not outraged that a puppet had metaphorically defecated on the Constitution.

"Where's the Outrage from our elected leaders and the liberal media when an insulting, mealy-mouthed, cigar-chomping dog takes a sh - defecates on our most sacred of documents, the Constitution?" the host asked. "Make no mistake about it - that's exactly what he did. How dare he? Where's the Outrage? 
"They've been telling us for over a year that Trump supporters attempted a coup, an insurrection to prevent a transfer of power, but that's not true and they know it. That was a set up by the the FBI - there are documents to prove it, they're just not allowed to admit it because they know it's true. It would blow their defense completely out of the water: that Trump, his supporters and media allies had for months told everyone that the election was stolen, that it was fraudulent. Well, that's just a lie and they know it.
"What is a coup, an insurrection, you ask? Well, in case you don't know, let me tell you. It's when a group of people break into a Congressional building to prevent Congress from doing it's job, it's duty. That's exactly what Colbert and his people did. They broke a window and unlawfully entered the building where Congress was doing it's job, and terrorized people. They were armed with baseball bats and clubs and threatened and harassed people - in this case Republicans. No one invited them. They weren't authorized to be there. Their intent was to terrorize Congresspeople like Marjory Taylor Greene, and that's exactly what they did. They pounded on her office door and threatened to hang her just like Antifa did on January 06 with Mike Pence. They even drew a swastika on her office door and wrote the word Nazi over it. Where's the outrage from Democrats, you may be asking? Where's the outrage from the liberal media? They completely ignored this story. Instead, they've focused on absurd hearings about a peaceful protest by Trump supporters, a peaceful tour through the Capitol. They should be more outraged that a dog took a dump on the Constitution, but they're not. Again, I ask you - where's the outrage?
"Now, no matter what you may think of Marjory Taylor Green and her politics, that's beside the point. She's a sitting Congresswoman and she deserves respect. You may think she's a racist and a bigot. That's debatable and beside the point. You may think she's a wacko, a crackpot and a fruitcake. That's debatable and beside the point. The point is - what Colbert and his people did was an actual coup, an actual insurrection. An Insurrection that was incited by a mealy-mouthed, insulting, cigar chomping canine named Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, and they should all be in prison for inciting a riot."

Contacted by the Journal for comment, Triumph said, dropping his cigar, “I can’t really blame Tucker for saying I defecated on the Constitution. I really wish he would invite me onto his show so we can discuss it. We could have a few beers, have a cigar, and then I would tell him what a great show he has – for me to poop on. I think he would like that.”

Sources: Fox News, Mediaite.


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