Tomi Lahren Complains About Hypocrisy In All Forms – Except Her Own

Appearing on Fox And Friends over the Juneteenth weekend, Tomi Lahren – AKA Nazi Barbi by her critics – pointed out to Fox And Friends host, Pete Hegseth, what liberals just can’t seem to get through their thick skulls: that everyone on the left but her is a hypocrite.

Hegseth had just aired a clip of LIV Golf series commissioner Greg Norman complaining to Brian Kilmeade that the PGA organizers were hypocrites for criticizing the players competing in a golf series financially backed by Saudi Arabia.

“Tomi Lahren, what do you think about all of this back and forth?” Pete said. “Everybody’s a hypocrite, nobody’s a hypocrite. What do you make of all of these back and forth accusations?”

“Well, I agree, Brian, we need to call out – “



“Pete, I’m Pete. You called me Brian.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were Brian Kilmeade.”

“No. Pete. Pete Hegseth.”

“Well, duh!” Tomi said, giving the cuckoo finger twirl. “Where’s my brain today?!

Looking uncomfortable, Hegseth said, “What’s your take on this?”

“Well, I agree, Pete. We need to call out hypocrisy in all of its forms, and on all sides. And we need to call out atrocity in all of their forms. And that means we have to call out King James, Lebron, for taking blood money from Nike because his shoes are all made in China, and they really suck, and I’m not talking about the fact that they’re made in China in sweat shops, but also because I bought a pair once and they  hurt my feet, not just only that they were poorly made, but they literally said Nike on them. And they also suck because they were endorsed by Colin Kaepernick, and that was an atrocity in every sense of the word – even more so than the times he refused to stand for the national anthem.

“I mean, my goodness, if you’re going to start calling out atrocities, let’s start with all of the numerous players, leagues, and owners that cozy up to Black Lives Matter, a movement of crybabies and losers that are committed to de-funding and demonizing police for absolutely no reason at all, other than hating white people. Why aren’t they hypocrites for supporting a movement that is responsible for literally burning down every city in America because they can’t get their way?

“Even I’ve been accused of hypocrisy because my clothing line is produced in China, but that’s unfair, and it’s beside the point.

“So, if we’re going to call out individuals and organizations for their hypocrisy and atrocities, we’re going to have to be consistent with all of that and not be one-sided. But the one thing to remember in all of this is –  everyone else – especially on the left – is a hypocrite but me.”

Source: Media Matters.


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