Fox Five Dunce Says “We Can Blame The Death Of Black Americans On Black Lives Matter Movement”

"Here's the bottom line," Jeanine Pirro said on the April 21 episode of The Five Idiots."We can blame the death of black Americans on the Black Lives Matter Movement to de-fund the police. It is that simple - there is a statistical reality to the fact that once that movement started with de-fund the police, more blacks and minorities in the inner cities were being murdered. The stats do not lie."

Actually she didn’t present any statistics to prove her point, because there are no statistics to prove her point, which is just a lie. During the protests of the summer of 2020 over the killing of Georgia Floyd, there was talk of de-funding the police, but as a result, no significant de-funding has ever taken place – then or since.

Today, there are more police in inner cities and they have even more funding at their disposal. And even though Biden recently signed an executive order on police reform, nothing of major significance will change. More people will continue to die at the hands of police officers who have had previous complaints of violence against them, and conservatives like Pirro will continue to defend them, while blaming the victim for their own death, and anyone who dares call for police accountability.

Source: Media Matters.


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