Patriot Front Radicals Arrested Planning To Disrupt Pride Celebration

Coeur D’Alene, Idaho/ Members of a radical white nationalist outfit known as Patriot Front, were arrested Saturday for allegedly planning to disrupt a Pride celebration in a local park in Idaho.

The Kootenai County police allegedly received a tip off by a citizen who noticed members of the group congregating near a  U-Haul van near an intersection between Northwest Boulevard and interstate 90 in Coeur D’Alene.

According to Kootenai County sheriff, Bob Norris, the group was “dressed like a small army.” He also said they had units in the area and were able to intercept them quickly.

According to the ADL – the Anti-Defamation League – Patriot Front is a reformation of members of another radical hate group that once were members of Vanguard America, one of the white nationalist groups that participated in Charlottesville’s Unite The Right rally in the summer of 2017.

Members of the group were said to come from out of state, including Colorado, Illinois, Washington, and Oregon. At least two of them were from Idaho.

The members of the group were arrested as onlookers with cell phones filmed the spectacle, which some shared online through social media.

“I have no doubt in my mind they came to riot,” Coeur D’Alene Chief of police, Lee White told reporters. “I don’t think this would have been as successful had we not had one extremely astute citizen who saw something that looked very concerning to them and reported it to us. In my opinion I would gladly arrest 31 individuals who are coming to riot in our city for a misdemeanor, rather than have them participate in some sort of seriously disruptive event which is exactly what they were planning in the downtown area.”

At City Park, where the Pride celebration took place, there were counter protesters, bigots who become so easily triggered by anyone or anything that isn’t a white, straight Christian fascist.

One such hateful bigot by the name of Tom Meyer, said something so completely absurd that I doubt even he understood what he was saying.

“The drag queen thing, they’re preying on our children and that’s my target. I want to focus on the kids to give them a chance and give them a way out so they don’t get caught up in all this. It’s horrible. What they’re doing is grooming children for pedophilia in my belief.”

If this dip shit and others of his kind actually were concerned about children being groomed, they might try protesting outside churches where real child sexual abuse takes place every day. How many times have there been news stories of pastors of local churches arrested for sexually molesting underage boys and girls? Not a day passes that it hasn’t happened.

As has been pointed out time and time again, these assholes are not interested in exposing actual child groomers, that all too often they themselves either support or are involved in. Their only interest is spreading a false narrative to that will result in getting people harrassed and killed, because they are devoid of morals and they know they will be rewarded for their bigotry.

Approximately thirty of the radicals were arrested. The arrests resulted in dozens of death threats and attempted doxing of police officers who participated in the arrests. One such threat posted on Gab, read:

“An attack on one member of the white race is an attack on us all. I’m not going to tolerate it. I’m going to find out who those officers are, and I’m going to dox every single one of them.”

Sources: New York Times, Idaho Statesman, Vice News.


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