My Highlights From Second Select Committee Jan. 06 Hearing

The second House Committee hearing Monday, heard testimony from several other figures in the investigation, including Jason Miller, and Bill Stepien. But rather than focus on much of anything they revealed, I’m going with Trump’s former confidant and lawyer, who disgraced himself and ruined his credibility with conspiratorial election fraud nonsense.

According to former Trump aid, Jason Miller, a drunken Rudy Giuliani spoke to Trump repeatedly on the night of the election, babbling incoherently about a stolen election.

Investigator: “Was there anyone in that conversation ( with the former president ) who had had too much to drink?”

Jason Miller: “Rudy Giuliani… The mayor was definitely intoxicated, but I do not know the level of tox – intoxication when he spoke with the president… I think, effectively, Mayor Giuliani was saying we won it. They’re stealing it from us. Where did all the votes come from? We need to go say that we won. And essentially to anyone who didn’t agree with that position, was being weak.”

Rudy Giuliani: “They saw big trucks bringing in 100,000 ballots in garbage cans, in wastepaper baskets, in cardboard boxes, and in shopping bags. Every single one of them was for Biden, because they were notified by Smartmatic in Frankfurt that Biden was way behind, and they better come up with a lot more ballots. And we can prove every single thing I just said. If you gave me the paper ballots, I could probably turn around each one of these states. I’m absolutely convinced if – if you let me examine each one of those ballots, I’d pull out enough that were fraudulent that it would shake the hell out of the country.”

Sydney Powell: “It can set and run an algorithm, that probably ran all over the country, to take a certain percentage of votes from president Trump and flip them to president Biden, which we might never have uncovered had the votes for president Trump not been so overwhelming in so many ways in these states that it broke the algorithm.”

Sydney Powell, who is nuttier than a squirrel turd, was also one of Trump’s team of lawyers, which included Lin Wood, who is probably even nuttier than Powell. Powell in addition to being a Trump lawyer, promised to “release the Kraken,” – which she never did – and was one of the “patriots” who organized an embarrassing press conference outlining all of their “evidence” that Trump was defrauded in the 2020 election – the presser that even Fox News refused to carry, and where Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye – on a bald head – dissolved on camera.

Sources: NPR, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times.


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