Former Clinton Campaign Lawyer Acquitted Of Lying To Investigators

In 2019, the Mueller Report was released. It was a 448 page report, but was redacted before being publicly released by the Department of Justice. The report showed that Russian intelligence agencies had attempted to interfere in the 2016 election and had hacked private emails of certain members of the Clinton Campaign, including the DCCC and the DNC networks, eventually releasing thousands of documents to WikiLeaks.

Trump and his defenders in the media – including some progressives – screamed that it was all a hoax to bring down America’s Greatest President who did nothing of real significance during his time in the White House.

It was later confirmed by a bipartisan Senate Select Committee with the release of five volumes detailing the evidence revealed through out the Mueller report. But despite the revelations of the reports, the cult of Trump, including some on the left, remained unconvinced of the validity of the documents. They were convinced it was just another chapter in the “Deep State” Russia Gate conspiracy to destroy the former president.

Michael Sussmann, a cyberseurity attorney formerly-connected with the Clinton Campaign during the 2016 election, was recently acquitted by a D.C. jury. Sussmann is alleged to have lied to the FBI while tipping them off about concerns of an alleged connection between the Trump Organization and Alpha Bank, which was alleged to have ties with the Kremlin. Sussmann was accused of concealing that he was working for the Clinton Campaign and the cyberseurity tech client he was was also connected with.

Sussmann was acquitted of one count of lying to the FBI on Tuesday.

Sussmann said after the trial, “I told the truth to the FBI and the jury record clearly recognized that with their unanimous verdict today. I’m grateful to the members of the jury for their careful and thoughtful service. Despite being falsely accused, I believe that justice ultimately prevailed in my case.

“As you can imagine, this has been a difficult year for my family and me. But right now, we are grateful for the love and support of so many during this ordeal.”

Durham was appointed by Attorney General William Barr in 2019 to prove the Mueller investigation was nothing more than a hoax and a “witch hunt” to bring down Trump, a claim often repeated by the former president, and repeated ad infinitum by his defenders in the media.

Trump reacted to the verdict in his usual way with the following tweet:

“Our Legal System is CORRUPT, our Judges ( and Justices ) are highly partisan, compromised or just plain scared, our borders are OPEN, our Elections are rigged, inflation is RAMPANT, gas prices and food costs are “through the roof,” our Military “Leadership” is Woke, our Country is going to Hell, and Michael Sussmann is not guilty. How’s everything else doing? Enjoy your day!!!

Sources: CBS News, NBC News, Mediaite, The Week.


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