Vice President Harris Offers Lofty Platitudes At Funeral Of Elderly Shooting Victim

Eighty-six year old Ruth Whitfield was among the ten victims to die at the hand of a white nationalist domestic terrorist on May 14.

During the funeral, vice president Kamala Harris was among the many dignitaries to attend and deliver vapid remarks on uniting and coming together to defeat evil and hate.

Apparently, Harris wasn’t scheduled to speak, but was urged to speak by Reverend Al Sharpton. The funeral took place at Mount Olive Baptist Church in Buffalo, New York, where she delivered her remarks. Those remarks included:

“This a moment that requires all good people, all Good loving people to stand up and say we will not stand for this. Enough is enough. We will come together based on what we all know we have in common, and we will not let those people who are motivated by hate, separate us, or make us feel fear.”

Her later remarks to the press include:

…”And when we’re looking at an epidemic of hate where people are targeted just because of who they are, I think we will all have to stand back and say, “Wait, enough. Enough is enough. A harm against any of us is a harm against all of us. No one should be left to fight alone.” And we’ve got to deal with this, and we have to deal with it in a number of ways…

…”We have to – everybody has got to stand up and agree that this should not be happening in our country and that we should have the courage to do something about it.

“On the issue of gun violence, I will say as I said countless times: We are not sitting around waiting to figure out what the solution looks like. We’re not looking for a vaccine. We know what works on this. It includes an assault weapons ban…

“Background checks. Why should anyone be able to buy a weapon that can kill other human beings without at least knowing if that person committed a violent crime before?

…”Congress needs to act. And what I know is that we also have to come together as one nation, undivided, standing with each other.”

Lofty words; the sentiment is in the right place. But this is just one issue where everyone will never come together as a nation. And it doesn’t really matter that there are thousands of children who will die in future mass shootings: There are too many guns in America, at least two for every person.

And the gun lobbies ( the NRA, and Gun Owners of America ) are just too powerful. They have the balls of too many politicians in their grip, and those politicians have made it quite clear that they don’t give a damn about dead kids.

Sources: San Antonio Express News,


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