High School Students Stage Walkouts After Latest School Massacre

Two days after nineteen children and two teachers were murdered at a Texas county elementary school, students were organizing walkouts in protest of lax gun laws and the government’s inability to strengthen those laws.

From Meridian High School in  Virginia, to schools in Providence Rhode Island, from El Camino Real Charter High School to Buffalo High School, students participated in Thursday’s walkout.

Students also participated in walkouts at Saugus High School in California, Port Washington, and Falls Church, Virginia.

According to the Detroit Free Press, more than one hundred students at Oxford High School, in Michigan, left their classes to gather on the football field where they formed a U in support of the victims of Robb Elementary school in Texas, before returning to class.

“As a community, our hearts are with Uvalde and we understand why some of our students chose to participate in the national walkout,” Dani Stublensky, a school district spokesperson wrote in a statement.

Emma Janoff, who is a student at Paul Schreiber High School in Port Washington, and a member and organizer for Students Demand Action, says she was inspired to take action after the Parkland school shooting.

“You see news every day about kids getting shot and people your age dying, and it’s just incredibly sad and unbelievable, especially to see kids younger and my age,” Janoff told ABC News. “I can’t imagine that being me, but it is imaginable because it happens so often.”

Some of the schools, such as Saugus in California, and Oxford, in Michigan, have experienced their own shootings.

Sources: The Hill, ABC News, Los Angeles Times.


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