In The News: Erie County DA Gives Statement To The Press After Buffalo Shooting Suspect Indicted By A Grand Jury

The white replacement killer responsible for the massacre of ten African Americans in a New York supermarket, was Indicted Thursday on first degree charges. He also faces felony charges which will take place June 09. More charges may be forthcoming, including a charge of terrorism, which is believed, according to his manifesto, to be the motivation behind the shooting.

Following the indictment, Erie County’s District Attorney, John Flynn, gave his statement to the media and press:

“This is a tragic day in the city of Buffalo. The defendant is accused of traveling to our area and targeting innocent people who were shopping for their groceries on a Saturday afternoon. I continue to pray for all affected by this horrific crime. I am committed to obtaining justice for the victims, their families and this community. My office is working closely with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and our partners in law enforcement into potential terrorism and hate crimes. This is an active investigation and additional charges may be filed.”

After the shooting occured, those who have promoted and amplified the racist conspiracy theory, known as the Great Replacement – that white demographics are being replaced by immigrants influenced and encouraged by non-existent Democratic policies and strategies to gain a new voting base – certain conservative media talking heads and politicians have been rightly criticized and called out for their roles in helping to spread this theory on social media platforms and news opinion programs.

Their only response when confronted with the fact that it was a white shooter who was radicalized by hatred of African Americans, Jews, non-white immigrants, who was inspired by the theory that these people are a threat to the white American way of life – is to say that he was a leftist because he hated Jews, he allegedly said he wasn’t a conservative who didn’t like capitalism, and that he allegedly alluded to socialism, and falling in the middle, moderate authoritarian left category.

It’s an obvious tactic to attempt to gaslight and distract any scrutiny from his real motive, and conservatives have seized on it to deflect and obfuscate any criticism of the media figures and politicians in their ranks who have spun their own versions of this theory. They do this every time in the case of a white nationalist shooting.


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