In The News This Week: New York AG Launches Investigation Into Social Media Sites In Wake Of Buffalo Massacre

CNN has reported that New York’s AG, Letitia James, has launched an investigation into several of the social media platforms that are alleged to have been frequented by the eighteen year old white nationalist who carried out a mass killing of ten people in a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, over the weekend.

The investigation will focus on several platforms, such as the live streaming service known as Twitch, the service that the killer had used to partially stream his murder spree before being abruptly cut off. Discord, According to James, and other websites will also be targeted in the investigations.

“My office is launching investigations into the social media companies that the Buffalo shooter used to plan, promote, and Livestream his attack,” James tweeted yesterday. “We are investigating Twitch, 4chan, 08chan, and Discord, among others, all platforms that the shooter used to amplify this attack.”

She later tweeted: “This terror attack again revealed the depths and dangers of these platforms that spread and promote hate without consequence. We are doing everything in our power to stop this dangerous behavior now and ensure it never happens again.”

Discord said they will cooperate with the Attorney General’s office in the investigation.

“These social media platforms have to take responsibility for what happens on their platforms,” Governor Hochul said. “They must be more vigilant in monitoring the content and they must be held accountable for favoring engagement over public safety.”

In a letter dated Wednesday, Governor Hochul authorized the investigation into the media sites to determine whether these platforms that some of their users frequent to promote violence and harassment, have any criminal liability for what happens on their platforms.

The results of the investigation will be shared with the New York Governor’s office.

Sources: The Week, CNN.


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