In The News This Week: Vice President Kamala Harris’s Statement On Buffalo Massacre

In the wake of a deadly massacre by a white nationalist shooter in a New York neighborhood market, Vice president Kamala Harris gave a statement to the press.

“Today, our hearts are broken and we grieve for the victims of the horrific act of gun violence in Buffalo and for their families and friends. We are praying for all those who knew and lost loved ones.

“Law enforcement is proceeding with it’s investigation, but what is clear is that we are seeing an epidemic of hate across our country that has been evidenced by acts of violence and intolerance. We must call it out and condemn it. Racialy-motivated hate crimes or acts of violent extremism are harm’s against us all, and we must do everything we can to ensure that our communities are safe from such acts.”

The perpetrator of the shooting was a teenager from the state of New York who was radicalized through alt-right forums and chats that espoused conspiracy theories like the Great Replacement, that Jews and other foreigners are flooding America by the hundreds of thousands to replace white Americans, causing a so-called genocide by displacing white people.

Lately this theory has been echoed and repeated ad infinitum by right-wing media personalities like Tucker Carlson, who have put their own spin on a conspiracy that is decades old – that Democrats, according to Carlson, are encouraging such an invasion through open border policies, and are allowing it to happen to secure obedient voters from the third world for the purpose of transforming America into a nation of immigrants.

No such thing has happened or will ever happen, at least not the way that Republican media figures and politicians tell it. America is changing. It has always been changing. Immigrants of all nations have been coming to America for as long as America has existed. Immigrants enrich our country; they enrich our economy. They work jobs that many Americans refuse to do.

The Biden administration is not running an open border policy. It is just as strict as it was under the last administration, and Republicans know this. It’s just politics as usual with them. Lie, blame, deflect any responsibility for their actions, while blaming the Democrats for everything they themselves say and do. It’s called projection.

Sources: Reuters, Yahoo News,


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