Q Crackpot, MTG, Tells Alex Jones That Transgender Individuals Should Be Beaten Into The Ground

During a February 20 appearance on Alex Jones’ conspiracy show Info Wars, current sitting Congressperson and Q crackpot, Marjory Greenblatt, bragged about beating transgender individuals into the ground if they/them/he/she dared so much as think about sleeping with her daughter.

Greenblatt: “I think it’s straight evil. First off, if I was a parent and my fifth-grade daughter had to sleep and showered in some kind of cabin at some summer camp that I paid money to send my children to, and there was a man calling himself a woman sleeping in her cabin, showering with her, that guy would, he’d be in jail. He would be in jail. Well, first off, my husband would have beat him into the ground, and then he’d be in jail. But this is exactly how we need to stand up against this stuff.”

Jones: “I have three daughters, but even if you don’t have daughters, can you imagine what it’s like to have full-grown men around the country showering with your daughters because they say they are biologically a woman? This isn’t just other male students that claim they’re female. This is adults, and this is causing people to just totally freak out. And like you said, they’re stealing women’s spaces, and children are being taught with drag queen story time that a big man in a clown outfit is a woman. I’m sorry. That’s not a woman. That’s a big fat man or a little boy dressed like a girl. This is all very, very sexualization of children.”

Greenblatt: “Here’s what we have to do: We have to draw the line in the sand and say, we are not willing to cross it. This is such a perversion. But it’s also grooming children. It’s grooming them to believe things that are lies and that are completely wrong. No, children are not born a certain way thinking they’re another gender. It’s their parents that are training them that way. It’s these mother’s that think it’s like a handbag. They need to have a boy, a girl, and a trans child as if they’re some kind of accessory ( ????? ).

“I don’t think it’s wrong to stand up and say, “We aren’t going to tolerate this. Men, get out of our bathrooms! Get out of our sports! These are our private places ( ????? )

Some Twitter users were understandably upset about her remarks, but her spokesperson, Nick Dyer told Newsweek, “You are a liar. She didn’t call for violence. Stop regurgitating Democratic activists.”

According to Vice News, “Greene was referencing a story making the rounds on conservative media about nonbinary counselors in California sleeping in the same cabin as young girls.

“The camp, the Pali Institute outdoor education program in Running Springs, told KTLA news in Los Angeles that the nonbinary counselors who slept in the same cabin, were not ‘biologically male.”

The camp’s owner, Andy Wexler, told Fox News, “We can tell you for sure that did not happen. As much as we can without looking down somebody’s pants.”

Also, according to Vice News, “A parent who has complained publicly about the sleeping arrangements told Fox News this week that she found out about the nonbinary counselors after her daughter and her daughter’s friends were allegedly abused by a counselor who is a cisgender woman.

Someone might have mentioned this to Greenblatt before her appearance on Info Wars.

Sources: Raw Story, Media Matters, Vice News, Newsweek.


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