Clueless Conservative Says Democratic Party Is Violent, Divisive And Hypocritical; Is He Right, Is He Full Of It? Let’s Examine His Evidence

Is the Democratic party violent, divisive, and hypocritical, as the opinion writer of this column claims, or is he full of it? Let’s take a look at his evidence.

In a fact free article published in the Baltimore Sun just after the 2020 election, Ronald Boone, claims that Democrats are violent, divisive and hypocritical, and that Trump will return if they don’t cut it out.

He begins his article by claiming that Democrats asked why “millions of Americans” repudiated their party in favor of Donald Trump. He speculates that the answer is an equally divisive Democratic party, but gives no actual evidence to support his case.

Actually, it was Donald Trump who ran his campaign on division. That’s factual, so let’s get that out of the way. He claimed that the great majority of people coming from Mexico, were rapists, and criminals. He said an American judge of Mexican heritage couldn’t be impartial because he was a Mexican – he wasn’t. His entire presidency was divisive from head to toe. He referred to Charlottesville white nationalists, who murdered a peaceful protester, as “fine people,” to which his  right-wing media sycophants bent themselves into pretzels to pretend he hadn’t. He told progressive Congresswomen who criticized him “to go back to their own crime infested countries,” despite the fact that the majority of them were born in America. He blamed both John Lewis and Elijah Cummings for alleged filthy and crime-ridden conditions in their districts – who were not responsible for those conditions – for having the gall to be openly critical of him. Lewis said he considered Trump to be an illegitimate president because he believed Russia had attempted to interfere in the 2016 election, which is a fact. Trump pushed the birther conspiracy against Obama for years both before and after the election, and claimed – without evidence that Obama had personally spied on his campaign.

Boone insists that the Democrats must stop “claiming the moral imperative.”

“Historically, one side defining good for its own purposes and assigning evil to the opposition has led to social violence. The inflexible “right makes might” of Dems minimizes opportunity for comprise.”

He presents no evidence for this claim. There is no evidence to suggest that Democrats have used violent rhetoric that has led to violence being carried out due to such rhetoric.

Conservatives will argue that Antifa and BLM are evidence that the Democrats are violent. The problem with that argument is that the Democratic party are not supportive of Antifa or their tactics, nor do Antifa in any way approve of, support or represent the Democratic party. BLM is a peaceful movement that opposes police violence and racism. They are far more peaceful than MAGA supporters have shown themselves to be. MAGA supporters would beg to differ, even though the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming.

There is plenty of evidence that the Republican party is violent, and has employed violent and divisive rhetoric which has led to unhinged people responding to such rhetoric that has inevitably ended in violence. That’s a fact. The El Paso shooter, Patrick Crusius is just one example of an unhinged person who responded to divisive, violent rhetoric from mainstream conservative media.

Others would argue that James Hodgkinson was an example of Democratic violence. Again, the problem with that argument is that no Democrat has ever used violent rhetoric regarding a Republican opponent, despite what Republicans might claim. Bernie Sanders, whom Hodgkinson had been a supporter and had once worked on his campaign, had never dehumanized his political opponents in demeaning terms, but that didn’t prevent conservative media pundits from placing the blame on him. After the shooting, both sides of Congress came together in bipartisanship and condemned the shooting. The same reaction did not occur after Cesar Sayoc targeted prominent Democratic politicians and news outlets, even though it resulted in no deaths. Partisan media figures on the right, and politicians played the helpless victim narrative, that it was a Democratic hoax to gain sympathy for the party and portray the Republican party in a bad light leading to the midterm elections.

After the arrest of Sayoc, a Trump supporter, Rush Limbaugh said on his nationally syndicated radio show:

“Republicans just don’t do this kind of thing. You’ve got people trying to harm CNN and Obama and Hillary and Bill Clinton, and Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz, and, just, it might serve a purpose here.

“Two weeks out, a bunch of bombs start showing up in places that the media can then say that they are being received by ‘Trump targets?’ I’m sorry. I didn’t fall off the turnip truck ever, and certainly not yesterday, and the world of October Surprises coupled with all the other realities I just exposed, and I think it makes sense to be suspicious and demanding of proof for whatever we’re gonna be told.”

  Republicans have never been shy about “assigning evil” to the Democratic party, or any institution or group they don’t like. It’s been the mainstay of their rhetoric for years. For decades they’ve painted their Democratic opponents as the party of infanticide”; the anti-democratic party; the party that is hostile to free speech and the second amendment; cancel culture; the party that supports terrorism.

Since the election of Donald Trump, the Republican party and its media have become so ridiculous, so cringe and so embarrassing, with no self-awareness of how ridiculous, cringe and how embarrassing they’ve become. These days they call Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists, because they dare show up and scuffle with white nationalists, or protest killings of African Americans. It’s never the MAGA supporters who have been incited to violence by hateful and divisive rhetoric of their own party or mainstream conservative media, i.e. Fox News, or more extreme networks such as OAN and Newsmax.

Even before Patrick Crusius decided to go down to Texas and shoot twenty-two people in “response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas,” as he wrote in his manifesto, the rhetoric of a migrant “invasion” was a regular feature on Fox News and other conservative media. Trump and Republican party members also used the invasion rhetoric countless times. In the aftermath, Trump, the Republican party, and conservative media denied any culpability, instead, doubling down on the “invasion” rhetoric.

Boone says when Trump won:

Leftists ignored the Constitution and rampaged through the streets randomly destroying innocent citizens’ property. Democrats began impeachment immediately. They touted eliminating the electoral college and packing the Supreme Court and the Senate. If leftists resort to violence whenever unhappy with election results, and if the Democratic party alters timeworn American institutions to guarantee its own political supremacy, citizens who respect peace and democracy will resist.

After the 2016 election, some leftists protested, as is their Constitutional right. The protests were mostly peaceful with minor property damage. There were no rampaging waves of rioters randomly destroying property or “burning down entire cities,” simply because Trump was elected. It just didn’t happen. What did happen, after Biden was elected president, thousands of Trump supporters stormed the Washington Capitol in a violent attempt to keep their cult leader in the White House.

If Democrats ever “touted” packing the Supreme Court and the Senate, they were unsuccessful in both attempts. Democrats have not been in control of the SC in decades. Mitch McConnel blocked Merrick Garland’s appointment for years – and Republicans retained control of the Senate after 2016. And even though I don’t fully understand how the electoral college works, I have no problem abolishing it. There should be one vote, the popular vote, not electors who are picked to represent a party. Republicans couldn’t win an election without the electoral college vote, they know it. This is why they would never support getting rid of it. This is why they support voter suppression tactics, voter ID laws. They don’t want everyone voting. They know that in a fair and popular vote, they would lose every time.

Boone says the Democrats were being divisive, elitist and hypocritical before and after the 2016 election:

The right didn’t elect Donald Trump, the left did. Hillary Clinton called millions of voters “deplorables.” Democrats everywhere cheered her statement. Conservatives were callously called Trumpists. Some were intimidated in the workplace, even fired. Moderates perceive such leftist tactics as threatening, humiliating and arrogant to those with differing viewpoints, leaving them resentful of the party and its agenda.”

It was the electoral college that elected Donald Trump, not “the left.” It was a crime when the smug, elitist Hillary Clinton and the smug Dems dared call conservatives deplorables and Trumpies. These two words were much more demeaning and insulting than being called a “filthy bitch,” a “toxic cunt”, a “murderous bitch,” and various other names, all of which, by the way conservatives “callously” used when talking about Hillary Clinton. I doubt any mass exodus from the party occured over Clinton referring to Trump voters as deplorables, and I doubt anyone was intimidated in the workplace, and, much less, fired. There was no criticism or condemnation from Republican party leaders when SpongeTed Squishy Pants and other prominent Republicans in media used these and similar words to describe Hillary Clinton, or to call for her execution and that of Barack Obama over Benghazi.

Only left media is partisan.

“Did CNN dedicate the same coverage to the Obama administration’s treatment of families at the Mexican border that it did to the Trump administration for the same behaviors? The same challenges to questionable policies shouldn’t be determined by political party. Many don’t seek the news for political preferences of editors and columnists. We desire non-partisan analysis of events. Single perspective news outlets limit the perspective of citizens and foster intolerant outlooks.

Did Fox News dedicate the same coverage to the Trump administration’s embarrassing response to the pandemic, as they did with the Obama administration’s totally sane response to Ebola? The Trump administration severely mismanaged their response, failing to initiate restrictions on travel from European countries until mid-March. Other countries were quicker to impose travel bans when there were fewer cases reported. The U.S. failed to use the federal budget to supply PPE. Failure to mandate a universal sick leave for those who were unable to work due to COVID. The administration eliminated pandemic response team members. and budget cuts to the CDC.

Conservatives Can’t Be White Supremacists.

“As some Dems have suggested, is anyone who supports Donald Trump a racist? Are black people who supports him, traitors? Are women who voted for him insensitive to rape and sexism?”

Conservatives who support Trump, have continued to deny any bigotry or racism on his part. No evidence to the contrary could ever dissuade them. Anyone who voted for Trump is either racist, or has no problem with it. There is no excuse to vote for a racist. There is no excuse for a someone who intends to vote for a candidate, to research the background of that candidate before voting for that candidate. Donald Trump’s bigotry and racism is documented.

Even black people can be white supremacists or grift for white supremacy. Candace Owens is a well-known example, as is Larry Elder. Allen West is another. These individuals all have one thing in common. Advancing the narrative that immigration is creating a new class of voters for the Democratic party. This type of rhetoric has been prominent on Fox News and other conservative media over the years, and when confronted that through such rhetoric that they are promoting white supremacist talking points, they resort to their usual standard of the victim narrative.

Boone even mentions it here: “The Democratic Party’s failure to sponsor reasonable immigration reform fuels perceptions that the left wants uncontrolled immigration to offset the loss of voters disillusioned with it’s agenda. Americans fear how much factions in the Democratic Party might change America.”

As for women who voted for him being insensitive to sexism and rape, they never seemed to care about any of the allegations of rape against him.

Democrats Must Police Their Own Ranks.

Boone says Democrats must cease throwing diversionary blame at the other side. Accept partial responsibility for the divisiveness in the country, and admit responsibility for the homeless, the impoverished, and corruption in every major Democratic run city. Republicans, of course, have no responsibilities to address homelessness and corruption in our society since it’s only Democratic administrations and their policies that have failed. Republican administrations and their policies have been wildly successful.

Democrats Are Not Really Democratic.

Boone says Democrats are intolerant to opposing thought and therefore tyrannical…

“Mr. Trump failed to separate himself from incorrigible, violent rightists, frightening and alienating many moderates. Will the Democratic party separate itself from incorrigible, leftist change agents? How many voters turned away from the party because of that element?”

Who are these “incorrigible, violent leftist change agents”? Is he talking about Antifa? The Democratic party is not and never has been affiliated with violent left groups. Certainly not today’s party. It’s true that Trump failed to separate himself from any extremist support, but when acts of violence were carried out by those extremists, he denied any culpability , and his media lapdogs looked for every opportunity to blame the left or the Democratic party.

Only Republicans Respect Institutions.

Boone says Democrats should, “Work within the Constitutional process rather than dismantle the electoral, judicial, and senatorial institutions to guarantee the electability of Democrats and the success of party initiatives.”

The Democratic party has never attempted to dismantle any of the former institutions to guarantee their electability or success. It is, however, one party’s intent to convince their electorate that they alone care about democracy, free speech, the Constitution, and every institution that embodies and advocates for those freedoms, while demonizing the opposition as a party of Satanic baby eating pedophiles. The Republican party, a party that in the last two years, has led an assault on freedom of the press – the mainstream media is the enemy of the people – their assault on voting rights, and their outright assault on democracy itself, through false accusations of electoral fraud during the 2020 election, and the assault on the Washington Capitol in a violent effort to dissuade a Republican Congress from certifying the election of a Democratic president.

After having examined his evidence, of which there is none, it’s my conclusion that it is not the Democratic party that has been violent, divisive, hypocritical and threatening, but the Republican party. It is no longer the party of Lincoln, but a party of violence, a party that has publicly displayed its contempt for democracy through its recent actions, the worst of which was an attempted insurrection.

Sources: The Baltimore Sun, the Independent.


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