In The News This Week: Michael Flynn Sues House Committee Over Private Phone Records.

Self-styled patriot and Trump lackey, Michael Flynn has filed a lawsuit against the House Committee investigating the January 06 insurrection, to prevent them from obtaining phone records surrounding the events of that day.

The suit, filed in Florida claims that the subpoena issued to him violates his Constitutional rights to privacy as a private citizen.

The suit claims that General Flynn has been unfairly demonized by the committee merely for his concerns that the election was stolen.

“… General Flynn was and is a private citizen,” the document reads. “Like many Americans in late 2020, and to this day, General Flynn has sincerely held concerns about the integrity of the 2020 elections. It is not a crime to hold such beliefs, regardless of whether they are correct or mistaken, to discuss them with others, to associate with those who share the same belief, or to ask the government to address such political concerns. It is our fundamental Constitutional right to speak about and associate around political issues that concern them.”

Indeed, it is not a crime to have questions about the integrity of an election. I myself have concerns about the voting rights of millions of Americans that are undermined by a political party that refuses to accept the loss of a fair election, and that as a result, seeks to restrict the rights of those Americans. I have concerns about a woman’s right to seek an abortion that is under attack by a political party that claims to be all about life, liberty and freedom, and yet, through lack of any policy that would enrich the lives of Americans, they have proven they have no love for human life or the freedom and liberty it deserves.

Flynn’s argument is absurd. No one has been criminalized because of concerns over the integrity or the validity of the election. Hundreds of people who were there at the Capitol that day, did much more than hold valid concerns about the validity of an election. They broke into the building, they assaulted people – including media personal, destroying their property – and they threatened the life of the vice president. Their intention was to delay or force the overturn of an election based on the lies of a president who couldn’t accept the fact that he lost, and because he couldn’t accept that he lost, he attempted to coerce some state legislators to overturn the results in his favor, had Attorney General Ken Paxton file a lawsuit to void election results in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, states where Joe Biden won, had his clown attorneys file lawsuit after lawsuit, and his media mouthdogs repeat his lies every step of the way. He was the one who was trying to steal an election, and it was dishonest clowns like Michael Flynn – who called for an open insurrection, a military coup, on live television and during a QAnon conference – that enabled him.

He’s the real victim here, not the people who were assaulted and killed as result of Trump’s lies and the lies of his media mouthdogs, but because his precious rights were violated. Just as he was a poor, helpless victim when the FBI somehow forced him to lie to them during the Mueller investigation. Boo hoo.

Sources: Reuters, New York Times/Flynn lawsuit.


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