Fox News Dunce Says U.S. Is Forcing A Chinese Credit System On All Americans

Since the start of a pandemic that has since killed approximately 792k people in America, Fox News hosts and pundits have complained non-stop how mean and divisive the Democrats have been to Donald Trump and his supporters, who are nothing short of patriots.

As they bravely informed the rubes that the coronavirus that causes COVID was nothing more than a manufactured hoax to damage a great American president, thousands died while said president failed to take it seriously, and his media lapdogs in turn failed to hold him accountable. Masks and lockdowns and other measures to lessen the spread of a contagious virus, were politicized at every turn as a way to attack anyone who took it seriously. It wasn’t the Republican party or it’s media that was at all divisive when it came to the virus. It was the Democrats with their masks and their lockdowns. According to the conservative punditry, the real motive behind the lockdowns was to bankrupt and destroy the economy, not to save lives. The actual way to save lives was to keep businesses open and let herd immunity do its thing. In time, we would all be immune to COVID.

The Democrats continued their divisiveness convincing the American people that Joe Biden really won the election, and dared suggest that it was not patriotic to stop the certification of an elected president through violent insurrection. And now that president is continuing to demonstrate how divisive he can be by mandating that businesses require their employees be vaccinated for the safety of others.

It’s not only divisive, it’s authoritarian, they claim. No one should be required to get a vaccine, they complain. It’s like Nazi Germany. It’s those Fema concentration camps that Alex Jones kept ranting about that Obama would throw us all into at any moment after confiscating every gun in America. It’s Chinese communism. It’s Joe Biden and the Democrats forcing a Chinese credit system on all Americans who know the truth and for that reason refuse to get vaccinated.

Rachel Compost-Duffy explained, from the September 17, Fox News broadcast of Fox News Primetime:

“I traveled on a plane today. I mean, you know, does the virus know that I’m snacking? Does it know that I’m having cocktail weenies with my cocktail? Does it know I’m drunk and can’t see straight? Does it know when I need to pee because I drank too much? Does it know when I need to poop? Gosh, I hope not! I mean, come on, the Democrats keep telling us how intelligent the virus is, right? That it hates president Trump and his supporters, right? Because, we all know that Fauci created the virus and programed it to hate Trump supporters, right, and that’s really the reason why so many conservatives are dying from the virus, not that they’re not being vaccinated, right?

“I mean, it’s so weird, right? So, why am I wearing the mask and then I can take it off and it’s OK? So, why am I wearing the mask if it’s so smart and knows when I’m about to do all this stuff I just mentioned? I mean, it’s all so silly, right?

“And so I think we’ve just reached a point of – where we just have to all say, this doesn’t make sense. And there – it’s time for civil disobedience. It’s time for people who are rational – like me – and have common sense – like me too, I have lots of common sense – to say enough is enough. I’m not going to be ruled by these people. I’m not going to be sucked into what I see as a Chinese credit score system, where I do what the government wants me to do – in this case, wear a mask, and get a vaccine – then I get to participate in society and eat and poop and travel. But if I don’t, then I can’t. That’s wrong. That’s not America. I mean, come on, what will they want me to do next, star in Chinese game shows?”

Is Compost-Duffy right? Are we being sucked into a Chinese credit system by Joe Biden and the Democrats, where we will all be forced to wear masks regardless of being vaccinated or not, for all of eternity? In the heads of Fox News viewers, perhaps.

Will we all be forced to star in Chinese games shows for all eternity? In the heads of Fox News viewers, perhaps.

The only thing that’s happening here is conservative pundits forcing bullshit down the throats of the rubes who make up the bulk of their viewing audience. They know this is what they want to hear, no matter how absurd it is.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have no interest in imposing a Chinese communist credit system upon Americans who will earn credits for being told what to do, like wearing masks and getting vaccinated. It’s nothing more than a scare tactic employed by a network that values misinformation over truth and objectivity, whose pundits then complain that other networks are fake and biased.

Source: Media Matters.


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