In The News: House Select Committee Requests Trump Documents; Trump Rants On Twitter

The House Select committee to investigate the January 06 Capitol riot by Trump supporters, requested documents  Wednesday. The request came in the form of a letter sent to the National Archives and Records Administration.

The letter/document, by the Chair of the committee, Bennie Thompson ( D ) says in part:

The select committee to investigate the attack on the United States Capitol, is to examine the facts, circumstances, and causes of the January 6th attack. Our Constitution provides for a peaceful transfer of power, and this investigation seeks to evaluate threats to that process, identify lessons learned, and recommend laws, policies, procedures, rules, or regulations necessary to protect our republic in the future.”

The agency has two weeks to respond and produce the requested documents, and the national Archivist, David Ferriero, is expected expedite the request.

The Capitol riot was a serious situation that conservatives in national and social media have downplayed since the beginning. Instead of issues that are important to all Americans – affordable healthcare, education, a clean environment, and a prosperous economy – they have chosen to focus their attention on silly and ridiculous issues like culture wars, CRT as a threat to their children’s future, and cancel culture nonsense.

Despite the fact that the Capitol riot was a riot and not a picnic, conservatives have claimed all along that any investigation of that riot would be – like the impeachment hearings – a witch hunt. No investigation, Trump loyalists in Congress have insisted, would be fair without including investigations into the previous BLM protests, which, by the way, were made possible courtesy of the Minneapolis police department. Those protests, and any ensuing violence, never would have happened had Chauvin not knelt forcibly on Floyd’s neck, killing him.

Trump has also claimed the committee is a witch hunt to bring him down, since, don’t you know, he’s the greatest president to have ever occupied the White House, who single-handedly managed to create the greatest economy ever seen, stopped COVID in it’s tracks, and brought the entire nation together in racial harmony. But then that Joe Biden, added by George Soros, Hugo Chavez, and Dominion, stole the election, and  proceeded to f*** everything up he worked so hard to achieve.

On Twitter Trump ranted pathetically.

“The Leftist “select committee” has further exposed itself as a partisan sham and waste of taxpayer dollars with a request that’s timed to distract Americans from historic and global catastrophes brought on by the failures of Joe Biden and the Democrats. Unfortunately, this partisan exercise is being performed at the expense of long-standing legal principles of privilege. Executive privilege will be defended, not just on behalf of my administration and the patriots who worked beside me, but on behalf of the office of the president of the United States and the future of our nation. These Democrats only have one tired trick – political theater – and their latest request only reinforces that pathetic reality.”

Speaking of tired tricks, wasn’t that Trump’s favorite ploy when it came to accepting responsibility for his own failures? ‘I don’t take responsibility at all!’ Nothing was ever his fault. He was never responsible for anything. Everything was Obama’s fault when Trump f***ed up. The hundreds of thousands dead of COVID – that could have been saved – due to his administration’s inability and unwillingness to lead during a pandemic – all Obama and Dr. Fauci’s fault. But especially Dr. Fauci. If only Fauci hadn’t made that confusing statement about face coverings in March of 2020, maybe people wouldn’t have found Trump more credible when it came to the coronavirus. Who knew a rich womanizer turned president could be more knowledgeable on infectious diseases than a guy who is an actual immunologist? You learn something new every day.

Who knows, maybe Fauci also had a hand in helping the FBI stage the Capitol riot, just to make Trump look incompetent, just as he tried to do with the coronavirus? Seems plausible.

Sources: The Washington Post, The Week, U.S.


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