In The News: The House Votes To Create Select Committee To Investigate January 06 Capitol Riot

On January 06, 2021, democracy came under assault from a political party that, ironically often accuses their opponents of being anti-american. A party that continues to persist with the absurdity that it’s really Democrats that are anti-american. As if Americans hadn’t witnessed thousands of Trump enthusiasts marching angrily on the Capitol, many of them calling for the head of the vice president as they carried a gallows, breaking into the Capitol building, destroying government property, assaulting people, and using it as a public toilet – all at the behest of Donald Trump, who for months leading to election day, insisted that Joe Biden and the Democrats had stolen the election.

After the Senate blocked a commission that had Congress’s  approval, the majority of the House approved the creation of a committee to investigate the Capitol riot, by a vote of 222-190.

A majority of Republicans were opposed to the the creation of a commission, for fear it would be politicized against them in the up-coming 2022 elections.

“January 06 was a day of darkness for our country,” Nancy Pelosi said, Wednesday in a news conference from the White House. “A day, as you know. that was called for in our Constitution of the United States for us to validate the presidential election. to certify the results of the electoral college. That day, one of the darkest, I say again, I’ll keep saying, days in our history, our temple of democracy was attacked by insurrectionists.

You know all of this. The gleeful desecration of the Capitol resulted in multiple deaths, physical harm to over 240 members of law enforcement and terror and trauma among staff, workers, and members. That trauma is something I can never forget or forgive.

“The insurrection was called for to impede our Constitutional mandate. But Congress returned to the Capitol to accomplish our Constitutional mandate…”

Only two Republicans have supported the committee: Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney. They were also the only two to vote yes to impeach Trump and form a bipartisan commission.

Many Republicans stubbornly refuse to acknowledge Trump’s role in the Capitol insurrection attempt. Texas Representative Michael Burgess has accused the Democrats of laying the blame for the attack on Trump, as if the former president’s rhetoric had nothing to do with the situation.

“The outcome of this investigation has in fact already been written,” Burgess said. “The Democrats have been publicly excoriating Trump for months.” While many Republicans have been making excuses for him, I might add.

“These investigations have been done and are on-going,” said Minnesota Representative Michelle Fishburne, without noting that the last Senate inquiry failed to examine the role of Donald Trump and his supporters in Congress who knowingly peddled false information about the election. “It appears that this select committee is being done for purely political purposes.”

It’s ironic that she would say it was being done for political purposes, since the attempts to overturn the electoral results by Trump during his phone calls with state governors, and that of his minions who swarmed the Capitol, were themselves political, for the purpose of keeping Lord Emperor Trump in the White House.

Sources: The Week, USA Today.


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