In the News: Florida Republican Alleges Violence Against Primary Opponent

William Braddock, a GOP Candidate running for a Congressional seat in Florida, was secretly recorded threatening a Republican opponent in a primary. Braddock is alleged of threatening to dispatch a “Russian and Ukrainian hit squad” on Anna Paulina Luna, who is running for the same seat.

Was he serious, or was he just f**king with her? Who knows?

Apparently, Braddock was recorded threatening Luna during a telephone interview with a conservative activist, Erin Olszewski, which took place prior to him becoming a candidate. Luna is also running for the same seat which is soon to be vacated by Rep. Democrat Charlie Christ, who is running for governor.

During the recording, which was obtained by Politico, Braddock said at one point during the interview, “I really don’t want to have to end anybody’s life for the good of the American people of the United States. That will break my heart. But if it needs to be done, it needs to be done. Luna is a f***ing speed bump in the road. She’s a dead squirrel you run over everyday when you leave the neighborhood.”

Early in the interview, Braddock also said, “I have access to a hit squad, too, Ukrainians and Russians. Don’t get caught up out in public supporting Luna… Luna’s gonna go down and I hope it’s by herself.”

Braddock refused to confirm whether he had made any threats toward Luna during the interview. He also refused to admit saying anything about a hit squad. He did add that it was “allegedly him, but there is no proof of that.” He also claimed the recording may have been edited or altered.

“This is a dirty political tactic that has caused a lot of people a lot of stress and is completely unnecessary,” he said.

Braddock is also alleged to have said during the interview, “My polling people are going to charge me 20,000 to do a poll right before the primary. And if the poll says Luna’s gonna win, she’s gonna be gone. She’s gonna disappear. And you better not tell anybody that. For the good of our country, we have to sacrifice the few. For the better or good of the majority of the people, we’ve got to sacrifice the few.”

Olszewski asked Braddock what would happen if Luna were to win, and Braddock answered, “She’s gonna be gone. Period. End of discussion. Luna is not an issue.”

Olszewski said threats like this shouldn’t be taken lightly. “Normal people don’t say these things,” she said.

Olszewski contacted the authorities, but Braddock has refused to talk, and instead has played victim and has threaten to sue Olszewski.

Sources: The Week, Politico.


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