In The News: CDC Says Half Of U.S. Adults Are Fully-Vaccinated

According to CDC data, fifty-percent of American adults have been fully-vaccinated, a total of 131,078,608. The same data shows that over 164 million have received one dose of a vaccine.

The U.S. previously approved immunization for the virus to everyone over the age of sixteen this past April, while children below the age of twelve have yet to be approved for coronavirus vaccines.

At a White House briefing Andy Slavitt, the COVID-19 advisor, said, “This is a major milestone in our countries vaccination efforts. The progress that we’ve made is due to all of you who have gotten vaccinated. Who have contributed not only to your health but to mine and my family’s and my friends’ and yours, and the health of people who can’t get vaccinated because of their medical condition. You’ve contributed to your country.”

Many Americans have resisted getting vaccinated either due to misinformation about the vaccines and their safety, or a personal belief that vaccines simply don’t work. Slavitt had this to say to those who are hesitant.

“”Find whatever reason you want to get vaccinated. For those not sure yet, do your homework, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. All concerns are reasonable. But do yourself a favor. Don’t let some guy on Facebook answer your question when good answers are available.”

Sources: The Week, ABC News, CNN.


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