National Guard To Depart D.C. Capitol This Week

The Washington Post is reporting that the National Guard will withdraw all remaining troops from the U.S. Capitol in D.C. this week. According to N. Guard spokesperson, Chelsie Johnson, about 1,700 troops remain from various states, pending departures through much of the week.

The Guard has remained at the Capitol since January 06, the day thousands of crazed Trump-loving supporters, misled by his lies of a stolen election, attempted to overturn the results of that election, and made fools of themselves by breaking and entering, destroying property, and defecating all over the place – everything they have accused BLM “terrorists” of being guilty of.

“These airmen and soldiers protected not only the grounds , but the lawmakers working on those grounds, ensuring the people’s business could continue unabated,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said via statement. “They lived out in very tangible ways the oath they took to support and defend the Constitution.”

Had they been there to prevent the MAGA hordes from breaching the Capitol – at a time when election certifications were taking place – one could argue that would actually be defending the Constitution.

Sources: The Week, Washington Post.


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