In The News This Week: Pfizer Expected to Get Vaccine Authorization For Use In Adolescents

Pfizer is expected get full authorization from the FDA to begin using the COVID vaccine on children between the ages 02 and 11. The FDA is likewise expected to begin distributing the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine in teens 12 15 as early as next week.

The pediatric safety study to determine the efficacy of the vaccine in children six months to eleven years, is currently on-going. According to Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, the results for children six months to two years, is not expected until the fourth quarter of this year, and the phase 02 safety data of Pfizer’s current study of the effect of the vaccine on pregnant women is expected sometime this summer.

Pfizer report previously that none of the Adolescents who participated in the trial developed infections, which is a sign of significant protection. The participants, however, produced anti-bodies and experienced some side effects seen in people ranging from 16 to 25 year olds.

Over 100 million adults have been fully-vaccinated. The authorization is an attempt to reach millions of more adults who have yet to receive their first dose.

Sources: CNN, NY Times.


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