Jeanine Pirro Says A 13 Year Old Kid With A Gun Is A War Against Cops!

On the April 16 broadcast of one of Fox New’s worst programs, Jeanine Pirro made one of the dumbest arguments of her television career.

After the other three idiots gave their usual defense of the police, the idiot host Dagen McDowell, I believe her name is, asked Jeanine for her expert insight on the Adam Toledo situation.

Responding to Geraldo’s somewhat nuanced opinion on the situation, Jeanine said, “What we’ve got to understand is that there’s a war on the streets, and if you cared about the cops who go out every day and risk their lives, you’ve got to give them the right to defend themselves when they’re confronted with a gun. Plus the one second they have to make a decision.

“That police officer only shot once and he ran and called for help and he immediately said to the kid, ‘Where are you shot?’ to try to help him.

“But don’t tell me in the middle of the night at three in the morning after shots are fired, a kid’s got a gun, we’re supposed to worry about whether or not he is psychologically impaired or he’s thirteen years old. He’s a criminal. This is a war. This is not the time to feel sorry for anybody. Stay off the streets and stay out of gangs and put the guns down, and you won’t have this problem.”

Whether or not Adam Toledo was a member of the Latin Kings – as well-known bomb-thrower Andy Ngo and his Nazi cohorts have claimed on social media – has not been verified, so it’s not really debatable. Nor is it debatable that he was a criminal. I’ve not found any evidence to confirm it.

According to Pirro, a thirteen year-old kid with a gun is a war on cops. Anyone who contradicts police narrative, or dares criticize police in any way, is a “war on cops.” Obama, who had the audacity to contradict the “America isn’t racist because we have a black president” narrative when he acknowledged racial bias in policing, was a “war on cops.” Black Lives Matter is a “war on cops” for demanding police be held accountable for their actions.

Pirro believes Toledo is a criminal. It’s obvious why she would believe that. Her racial bias is apparent. She had no such condemnation of Kyle Rittenhouse when he went to another state to “defend” property that didn’t even belong to him, and wound up shooting three BLM protesters. She had nothing but praise for Rittenhouse. He was “villianized and demonized.” He was “all-American.” He was a “patriot.”

Conclusions: a black kid with a gun – in this case a kid who didn’t shoot anyone – is portrayed as a criminal by race baiters, while Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero, and those he murdered are portrayed as criminals. And the police…well, they’re innocent no matter what they do, and we should feel sorry for them, because they’re not allowed to use their guns to defend themselves, and they’re not allowed to kill black people indiscriminately without being criticized for it.


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