In The News: Justice Department Will Not Charge Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt In Capitol Riot

Former U.S. Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbitt was among the Trump-supporting mob of radicals who stormed and invaded the Capitol on January 06. She was fatally shot by a police officer and later died of her wound.

Babbitt, according to her social media foot print, had once voted for Obama, but had become disillusioned somewhere along the way.

“Over the past five years, a potent MAGA online subculture appears to have transformed this former Obama voter – who turned to Trump over a dislike of Hillary Clinton – into a QAnon follower ready to storm the Capitol,” Bellingcat reported back in January after the incident.

According to Travis View of the QAnon Anonymous podcast, Ashli Babbitt was “100% a dedicated QAnon follower.” Like your typical Q follower, she believed the election had been unfairly rigged, that Trump had been the rightful winner. She had attended the Trump rally that day where he urged his followers to march to the Capitol, by telling them,”You’ll never take back our country with weakness; you have to show strength and you have to be strong.”

While filming the march, which she shared with her Facebook account, she said, “We are walking to the Capitol in a mob. There is nothing but a sea of red, white and blue.”

Babbitt would later be shot attempting to climb through a shattered window inside the Capitol building.

According to Babbitt’s brother, Roger Witthoeft said his sister “was a normal Californian,” he told the NY Times. “The issues she was mad about, were the things all of us were mad about. If you feel like you gave the majority of your life to your country and your not being listened to, that’s a hard pill to swallow. That’s why she was upset.”

She seemed more upset about an election Trump claimed was stolen from him.

The Department of Justice released a statement here.

Sources: The Week, The Guardian,


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