In Wing Nut News: Laura Ingraham Blames Mainstream Liberal Media For Shootings Of Black Men

On the April 14 edition of the Ingraham Angle, Laura Ingraham told Texas Republican race-baiting clown Allen West – who back in December released a statement calling for Texas to secede because the SC wouldn’t nullify legal votes for Biden – that the mainstream media is telling black people, giving them the message that “you’re going to be shot if you’re pulled over, so run!”

Young black men today are being told over and over again by a – by a dominant media, a corporate media, that if you’re pulled over by the police, they’re going to shoot you. Are they not being told – basically sending that message to young black men, that you’re going to be shot if you’re pulled over, so run? Run, leave, speed away – and that’s when you have problems. You had it with George Floyd, who resisted arrest. You had it in this case. It’s tragic circumstances, it’s horrific, but they’re running away.”

“That’s part of a Marxist propaganda tool that the left is using,” the GOP clown agreed with her.

I have never heard a single left-leaning corporate media news anchor or commentator telling black men, or sending them a subtle message, that cop’s are going to shoot them if they don’t run. There have however, been many conservative media commentators – Ingraham among them – who have told their viewers time and time again, that police are non-violent, that black people are violent, are thugs and criminals, who want to riot and loot, and kill people. They send this message to their viewers when they tell them that Black Lives Matter are violent, that they’re terrorists, when they talk about black on black crime.

They’re not all running away. Jacob Blake didn’t run. He attempted to enter his vehicle. George Floyd didn’t run, neither did he resist arrest. If he did, it must have been while Chauvin had his knee pressed firmly into his neck.

Those who are running from the police, just might be doing so because they know that if they don’t run away, it’s because they know they will be killed. It is law enforcement that is sending this message, and it is clowns like Laura Ingraham that enable it.

Source: Media Matters.


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