In The News: Liz Cheney Says Gaetz Allegations Are “Sickening,” But No Comment On Whether He Should Resign

During a weekend interview with CBS’s Margaret Brennan, Republican Representative Liz Cheney called the allegations against Matt Gaetz “sickening.”

Gaetz is the the Republican Congressman who has been alleged to have been involved in inappropriate behavior with a minor, and is currently under federal investigation into the allegations against him. The House Ethics Committee has also opened an investigation.

Gaetz was accused last week of paying an associate Joel Greenberg – who has also been alleged to have trafficked in sex with a minor – the amount of 900.000 via the Venmo app. Greenberg is reported to have sent the same amount to three young women for “tuition or school.”

When asked by Margret Brennan if she would call for Gaetz’s resignation, she offered no comment.

“Speaker Pelosi just said it’s up to your party to take responsibility for Congressman Gaetz, who as you know, is undergoing an ethics investigation. Are you ready to call for his resignation? Or are you going to wait?”

Cheney: “You know, as a mother of daughters, the charges certainly are sickening. And as the speaker noted, there’s an ethics investigation underway. There are also criminal investigations, and I’m not going to comment further on that right now.”

The interview ended at this point, with Cheney refusing to comment on the Gaetz situation. Which is odd since she had plenty to comment on Trump’s role in the assault on the Capitol.

“There’s no question the president formed the mob, the president incited the mob, the president addressed the mob. He lit the flame,” she told NBC news just after the assault.”

Which is also odd, since prior to being asked if she intended to call for Gaetz’s resignation, she had this to say on the event at the Capitol.

“Look, January 06 was clearly an attack that was an attempt to stop the counting of electoral votes. I just listened to speaker Pelosi say that, quote, right now we’re in a good place. We’re not in a good place. We absolutely need, and it is her responsibility to create a commission to study what happened, to understand what the ‘provocation’ was, to understand what happened to make sure it never happens again. After every major crisis in this country whether it is September 11th -“

Confusing, since back in January, she was sure Trump was responsible for the events at the Capitol. And if that’s the case, why would she be calling for Pelosi to form a commission to determine what happened? Everyone knows what happened. She voted to impeach Trump after the events at the Capitol, but has nothing to say about Gaetz’ innapropriate involvement with a minor?

One would think she would have plenty to say if he we’re a Democrat.

Sources: The Hill, CBS News.


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