In The News: Pfizer Requests FDA To Authorize COVID Vaccine For Children Ages 12 To 15

Last week, Pfizer requested to extend the use of its COVID Vaccine to include children ages twelve to fifteen.

The request to the FDA is to amend the emergency use authorization, which they granted last year for teenagers sixteen and older.

Last week Pfizer-BioNTech reported that its phase three clinical trials were completely safe and effective in teenagers twelve to fifteen, but it’s findings had not been verified.

“The hope is to start vaccinating this age group before the start of the new school year,” said CEO Albert Bourla in a statement last week after the results were released.

“Vaccinating our teenagers is the next step in seeing our way through the pandemic,” said Dr. Buddy Creech, a pediatric infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt’s University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

“By extending the age groups that can receive the vaccine, we can continue our efforts to protect those that are most vulnerable: older adults as well as adults and teenagers with underlying medical conditions,” Creech continued, who was not involved in the research.

The FDA’s review will likely take several weeks, given the fact that the data looks good and is consistent with results observed in adults.

According to an NBC News database, one-third of Americans have received the first dose of the vaccine. But in order to vaccinate the whole population, vaccines will need to be authorized for children.

Sources: The Week, NBC News.


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