In The News: CDC Director Urges Michigan To “Close Down” As Virus Surges

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky warned Monday that cases and hospitalizations were rising in Michigan due to a surge in coronavirus, and the best thing to do is to “really close things down.”

Michigan’s rate of infection from the virus has risen since one of its lowest points in February. There has been a seven day average of 7, 284 new cases a day and 3, 832 hospitalizations.

The CDC director said that more vaccines to the state won’t solve the problem since immunization can take up to several weeks to affect coronavirus statistics.

“When you have an acute situation, an extraordinary number of cases like we have in Michigan, the answer is not necessarily to give vaccines – in fact, we know the vaccine will have a delayed response,” she said during a White House briefing of the COVID response team.

“The answer to that is to really close things down, to go back to our basics, to go back where we were last Spring, last Summer, to flatten the curve, decrease contact with one another, to test to the extent we have, to contact trace.

“If we tried to vaccinate our way out of what is happening in Michigan, we’d be disappointed that it took so long for the vaccine to work, to actually have an impact.”

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has requested more supplies of the COVID-19 vaccine, but it seems unlikely they will arrive anytime soon.

Source: The Week.


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