In The News Last Week: Civilians Killed During Myanmar Protests

About sixty people were killed in Yangon, Mayanmar during protests of the military coup which occured on February 01. More than several hundred people have been reported killed by security forces since protests and demonstrations began in the southeast asian country, bordered partially between Bangladesh and India.

Local media reported that an alliance of ethnic armies that oppose the military junta’s crackdown on the protests, “attacked” a police station in east Myanmar where ten offers were reported to have been killed.

The police station in Naungmon in Shen state that was attacked Saturday morning, was led by an alliance of forces including the Ta’ang National Liberation, and the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance.

Shen News put the death of police officers at ten, but the Shwe Phee Myay news outlet said fourteen were killed. There was no comment from the military following the attack.

“Since the coup, there has been a lot of talk about armed groups operating together, but we have not actually seen it before,” Al Jazeera’s Tony Cheng said from nearby Thailand, and noted that the ethnic armies have been fighting government forces for years. “Today, it’s claimed, three acted together, joined forces, attacked this outpost manned by Myanmar police, killing a number of policemen.”

As violence escalates since the coup, many armed groups have condemned it and have declared the “coup-makers” as illegitimate and have pledged they will stand with the protesters.

According to local reports, dozens of people were killed by an assault by the military on protesters in Bago, which is approximately thirty-two miles northeast of Yangon.

Since the February coup, former state Counsellor of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi has been deposed and under house arrest. President Win Myint was replaced by Min Aung Hlaing, the Commander-in-Chief of Defense Services.


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