Mike Lindell To Launch His Own Social Media Site To Own The Libs – ‘Cancelled For Being Conservative’


My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell will soon launch his own social media website. The new media site will encourage conservative users to vent their disdain for Democrats and the left, since they have all been banned and cancelled from social media for telling the absolute truth about a stolen election – and for being conservatives in general.

Lindell, who is in the midst of being cancelled by Dominion, couldn’t get anyone – but the most rational – to believe his rantings and ravings about Dominion voting machines, the ghost of Hugo Chavez, and George Soros brazenly helping Joe Biden steal the election, said the new media site would be called Cancelled For Being Conservative, where new users could complain about liberals and leftists wanting to take their free speech away and cancel them just for being Republicans, and would be free to own the libs without receiving any criticism, which is nothing more than cancel culture.

There’s nothing out there like it,” Lindell told Eric Metaxas of the Eric Mataxas Radio Show. “It’s better than YouTube. It’s better than Twitter, because on Twitter you can’t say anything without criticism which is nothing more than cancel culture and on the YouTube you can’t use alternative facts without being de-platformed or banned, especially if you’re a conservative. It’s even better than Parler which was just another Facebook. I don’t know how we got fooled by that one.

“But on the new site you can say anything you want. For instance, you can say Democrats want to eat babies for breakfast with their morning Wheaties or Captain Crunch, which is true, in addition to eating them after they’re born. Or you can say Democrats stole the election because Hugo Chavez told them to, which is also true. And you won’t have to worry about somebody criticizing you or fact-checking you, or telling you you’re crazy. It’s a place where anybody can speak their mind – tell their truth without fear of political correctness, criticism or being cancelled – but only if you’re a conservative.”

Lindell said in addition to the new website, he is also writing a book about his experiences as a cconservative who has been cancelled by the liberal media cancel culture mob so many times he has lost count. The new book will be titled, The Absolute Truth: My Personal Opinion How Joe Biden Conspired Or Collaborated With The Ghost Of Hugo Chavez And George Soros To Steal The Election From Saint Donald The Divine.

“They’re terrified to let me speak because they know I’m telling the truth,” Lindell told someone at his favorite network, OANN. “I’ve been banned from social media, television and radio and now I’m forced to start my own website where I and other conservatives can speak frankly without being criticized, and write a book to get the truth out, that Joe Biden stole the election from God’s chosen, and the ghost of Hugo Chavez helped him do it.”


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