Conservatives Need A Safe Space Free From Criticism

Tim Scott needs a safe space from the “woke supremacist, cancel culture-loving mob.”

Earlier this month Senator Tim Scott appeared on Fox News to cry about how mean and awful liberals are to conservatives, and just won’t allow them to say stupid shit without criticizing them.

Scott appeared on Fox News where he made one of the dumbest comments of his career as a Senator, and then played the victim card when criticized by the “leftist woke supremacist mob.”

“Woke supremacy is as bad as white supremacy. We need to take that seriously,” he told Trey Gowdy. The comment came in response to MSNBC’s Joy Reid after she had the audacity to criticize his presence at a press conference to oppose a minimum wage increase, to create a “patina of diversity.”

What that means is white Supremacy is not the problem. The real problem is conservatives being criticized for their “diversity of thought.” In other words, bigotry toward LGBT people, calling BLM protesters “terrorists and criminals,” is just “diversity of thought” and to criticize such opinions are the epitome of cancelling free speech. It is the cancel culture of a liberal, leftist mob gone wild. Pointing out and criticizing bigotry and racism, is really nothing short of cancel culture. Conservatives are no longer allowed to say bigoted or racist shit without being criticized by the “woke supremacy” of the liberal cancel culture mob.

CNN’s Don Lemon – whom many white conservatives have accused of being racist against white people, lol – had the audacity to criticize Scott instead of allowing him to get away with his bullshit, which infuriated not only conservative supporters of Scott, but Scott himself. How dare another black man call him out on his bullshit, and a liberal to boot?

“Tim Scott is the only black – the only black Republican in the Senate,” Lemon said. “Telling Fox News – of course – that what he calls woke supremacy is as bad as white Supremacy. Who are these woke supremacists? I’ve never seen a woke supremacist lynching anybody. Never saw a woke supremacist denying anybody access to housing or a job or voting rights. Never seen any woke supremacists enslaving anybody…

I didn’t see any woke supremacists storming the *%#$#*% Capitol! Where are the woke supremacists attacking police? Where are the woke supremacists hunting people in the halls of the Capitol, beating them with Blue Lives Matter signs, with white supremacist insignia on their shirts? Guess who police were beaten by? Guess who wanted to hang the vice president? White supremacists!”

Lemon wasn’t the only black critic who dared criticize him. Leonard Pitts at the Seattle Times wrote in response in his column. Addressing Tim Scott personally, he wrote:

“Sadly, it is no longer much of a surprise when an official of your party says some racially offensive thing. From calling Barack Obama “uppity” and “boy'”to decrying an imaginary “war on whites,” to declaring the world’s black and brown nations, “shit hole countries,” racial offense has become the Republican brand, as much an outlier of the GOP as elephants in straw hats.

“It would be wrong if anybody said it. But it is more wrong because you said it. Your ancestry, your biography, and the very color of your skin tell us that you know better. Yet you said it anyway.

You said it as Georgia and other states attempt to suppress the black vote. You said as trial begins in the case of the white cop who killed George Floyd by pressing a knee against his neck for nearly nine minutes. You said it two months after a white supremacist insurrection at the very building where you work.

Republicans love to style themselves as victims oppressed by a culture that is strangling their prerogatives as Christan, heterosexual white women and men. Of course, the only thing of which they are victims, is change, the fact that LGBTQ people and so-called “minorities” are on the rise.

“These things terrify them. So they who still sit at the top of the privilege ladder, who still have better health, more wealth and little to fear from police, go about moaning how very hard things are for them. Nobody knows the trouble they’ve seen.”

When Scott received pushback for his asinine comment, he ran crying to Fox News and doubled down on his idiocy, playing the victim card, the favorite card of conservatives everywhere. They never leave home without it. It serves them well.

“My comments were a sound-byte-length reaction to get another media figure accusing me of being a token for Republicans,” he wrote. “Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard that type of slur. I spoke out because I am gravely concerned for our future if we ignore either type of supremacy – both of which are rooted in racism or discrimination.

“In other words, my ideology does not match that which they prescribe based on my completion. That is woke supremacy. It is the ‘tolerant’ left’s intolerance for dissent. It is a progressive conception of diversity that does not include diversity of thought. It is discrimination falsely marketed as inclusion.”

The irony of Tim Scott whining about a black Democrat accusing him of being a token for the Republican party, when black Republicans – Allen West , Tim Scott, among others – have constantly accused black Democrats of being “tokens” for the “Democratic slave plantation.” It’s only problematic, only a “slur” if Democrats use it.

I doubt whether Tim Scott or any other Republican has ever been concerned about white Supremacy. They showed very little concern when Trump was president, often excusing or dismissing its threat, while hyping and over-exaggerating a non-existent threat from BLM and Antifa. And being”woke” is not racist or discrimination.

Leftists are under no obligation to accept intolerance or hateful views, opinions, or speech. Conservatives are free to think whatever they want. No one is policing their thoughts. But they are not free to say what they want without criticism. With free speech comes responsibility. You are free to hate whoever you wish – LGBTQ, immigrants, Muslims – but when you say things about them that are discriminatory, you are not free from the consequences of that speech. No one is obligated to accommodate hateful speech. Leftist are not “intolerant” for not accepting intolerance. It is not “diversity of thought” to be hateful toward those you disagree with. It is discrimination. Valid criticism is not cancel culture.

When a conservative says something others find bigoted or racist, it’s just “diversity of thought,” or “dissent” from acceptable opinion and should never be criticized. Any criticism whatsoever is “woke supremacy” – the worst kind, even white supremacy – from a liberal cancel culture-loving mob gone amok.


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