Mike Lindell To Launch His Own Social Media Site To Own The Libs – ‘Cancelled For Being Conservative’

Mike Lindell To Launch His Own Social Media Site To Own The Libs – ‘Cancelled For Being Conservative’


My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell will soon launch his own social media website. The new media site will encourage conservative users to vent their disdain for Democrats and the left, since they have all been banned and cancelled from social media for telling the absolute truth about a stolen election – and for being conservatives in general.

Lindell, who is in the midst of being cancelled by Dominion, couldn’t get anyone – but the most rational – to believe his rantings and ravings about Dominion voting machines, the ghost of Hugo Chavez, and George Soros brazenly helping Joe Biden steal the election, said the new media site would be called Cancelled For Being Conservative, where new users could complain about liberals and leftists wanting to take their free speech away and cancel them just for being Republicans, and would be free to own the libs without receiving any criticism, which is nothing more than cancel culture.

There’s nothing out there like it,” Lindell told Eric Metaxas of the Eric Mataxas Radio Show. “It’s better than YouTube. It’s better than Twitter, because on Twitter you can’t say anything without criticism which is nothing more than cancel culture and on the YouTube you can’t use alternative facts without being de-platformed or banned, especially if you’re a conservative. It’s even better than Parler which was just another Facebook. I don’t know how we got fooled by that one.

“But on the new site you can say anything you want. For instance, you can say Democrats want to eat babies for breakfast with their morning Wheaties or Captain Crunch, which is true, in addition to eating them after they’re born. Or you can say Democrats stole the election because Hugo Chavez told them to, which is also true. And you won’t have to worry about somebody criticizing you or fact-checking you, or telling you you’re crazy. It’s a place where anybody can speak their mind – tell their truth without fear of political correctness, criticism or being cancelled – but only if you’re a conservative.”

Lindell said in addition to the new website, he is also writing a book about his experiences as a cconservative who has been cancelled by the liberal media cancel culture mob so many times he has lost count. The new book will be titled, The Absolute Truth: My Personal Opinion How Joe Biden Conspired Or Collaborated With The Ghost Of Hugo Chavez And George Soros To Steal The Election From Saint Donald The Divine.

“They’re terrified to let me speak because they know I’m telling the truth,” Lindell told someone at his favorite network, OANN. “I’ve been banned from social media, television and radio and now I’m forced to start my own website where I and other conservatives can speak frankly without being criticized, and write a book to get the truth out, that Joe Biden stole the election from God’s chosen, and the ghost of Hugo Chavez helped him do it.”

Conservatives Need A Safe Space Free From Criticism

Conservatives Need A Safe Space Free From Criticism


Tim Scott needs a safe space from the “woke supremacist, cancel culture-loving mob.”

Earlier this month Senator Tim Scott appeared on Fox News to cry about how mean and awful liberals are to conservatives, and just won’t allow them to say stupid shit without criticizing them.

Scott appeared on Fox News where he made one of the dumbest comments of his career as a Senator, and then played the victim card when criticized by the “leftist woke supremacist mob.”

“Woke supremacy is as bad as white supremacy. We need to take that seriously,” he told Trey Gowdy. The comment came in response to MSNBC’s Joy Reid after she had the audacity to criticize his presence at a press conference to oppose a minimum wage increase, to create a “patina of diversity.”

What that means is white Supremacy is not the problem. The real problem is conservatives being criticized for their “diversity of thought.” In other words, bigotry toward LGBT people, calling BLM protesters “terrorists and criminals,” is just “diversity of thought” and to criticize such opinions are the epitome of cancelling free speech. It is the cancel culture of a liberal, leftist mob gone wild. Pointing out and criticizing bigotry and racism, is really nothing short of cancel culture. Conservatives are no longer allowed to say bigoted or racist shit without being criticized by the “woke supremacy” of the liberal cancel culture mob.

CNN’s Don Lemon – whom many white conservatives have accused of being racist against white people, lol – had the audacity to criticize Scott instead of allowing him to get away with his bullshit, which infuriated not only conservative supporters of Scott, but Scott himself. How dare another black man call him out on his bullshit, and a liberal to boot?

“Tim Scott is the only black – the only black Republican in the Senate,” Lemon said. “Telling Fox News – of course – that what he calls woke supremacy is as bad as white Supremacy. Who are these woke supremacists? I’ve never seen a woke supremacist lynching anybody. Never saw a woke supremacist denying anybody access to housing or a job or voting rights. Never seen any woke supremacists enslaving anybody…

I didn’t see any woke supremacists storming the *%#$#*% Capitol! Where are the woke supremacists attacking police? Where are the woke supremacists hunting people in the halls of the Capitol, beating them with Blue Lives Matter signs, with white supremacist insignia on their shirts? Guess who police were beaten by? Guess who wanted to hang the vice president? White supremacists!”

Lemon wasn’t the only black critic who dared criticize him. Leonard Pitts at the Seattle Times wrote in response in his column. Addressing Tim Scott personally, he wrote:

“Sadly, it is no longer much of a surprise when an official of your party says some racially offensive thing. From calling Barack Obama “uppity” and “boy'”to decrying an imaginary “war on whites,” to declaring the world’s black and brown nations, “shit hole countries,” racial offense has become the Republican brand, as much an outlier of the GOP as elephants in straw hats.

“It would be wrong if anybody said it. But it is more wrong because you said it. Your ancestry, your biography, and the very color of your skin tell us that you know better. Yet you said it anyway.

You said it as Georgia and other states attempt to suppress the black vote. You said as trial begins in the case of the white cop who killed George Floyd by pressing a knee against his neck for nearly nine minutes. You said it two months after a white supremacist insurrection at the very building where you work.

Republicans love to style themselves as victims oppressed by a culture that is strangling their prerogatives as Christan, heterosexual white women and men. Of course, the only thing of which they are victims, is change, the fact that LGBTQ people and so-called “minorities” are on the rise.

“These things terrify them. So they who still sit at the top of the privilege ladder, who still have better health, more wealth and little to fear from police, go about moaning how very hard things are for them. Nobody knows the trouble they’ve seen.”

When Scott received pushback for his asinine comment, he ran crying to Fox News and doubled down on his idiocy, playing the victim card, the favorite card of conservatives everywhere. They never leave home without it. It serves them well.

“My comments were a sound-byte-length reaction to get another media figure accusing me of being a token for Republicans,” he wrote. “Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard that type of slur. I spoke out because I am gravely concerned for our future if we ignore either type of supremacy – both of which are rooted in racism or discrimination.

“In other words, my ideology does not match that which they prescribe based on my completion. That is woke supremacy. It is the ‘tolerant’ left’s intolerance for dissent. It is a progressive conception of diversity that does not include diversity of thought. It is discrimination falsely marketed as inclusion.”

The irony of Tim Scott whining about a black Democrat accusing him of being a token for the Republican party, when black Republicans – Allen West , Tim Scott, among others – have constantly accused black Democrats of being “tokens” for the “Democratic slave plantation.” It’s only problematic, only a “slur” if Democrats use it.

I doubt whether Tim Scott or any other Republican has ever been concerned about white Supremacy. They showed very little concern when Trump was president, often excusing or dismissing its threat, while hyping and over-exaggerating a non-existent threat from BLM and Antifa. And being”woke” is not racist or discrimination.

Leftists are under no obligation to accept intolerance or hateful views, opinions, or speech. Conservatives are free to think whatever they want. No one is policing their thoughts. But they are not free to say what they want without criticism. With free speech comes responsibility. You are free to hate whoever you wish – LGBTQ, immigrants, Muslims – but when you say things about them that are discriminatory, you are not free from the consequences of that speech. No one is obligated to accommodate hateful speech. Leftist are not “intolerant” for not accepting intolerance. It is not “diversity of thought” to be hateful toward those you disagree with. It is discrimination. Valid criticism is not cancel culture.

When a conservative says something others find bigoted or racist, it’s just “diversity of thought,” or “dissent” from acceptable opinion and should never be criticized. Any criticism whatsoever is “woke supremacy” – the worst kind, even white supremacy – from a liberal cancel culture-loving mob gone amok.

President Biden Bores The Nation To Death With His First Televised Speech

President Biden Bores The Nation To Death With His First Televised Speech


President Joe Biden – otherwise known as “Sleepy Joe” and  “Stuttering Joe” to his right-wing critics – delivered his first address to the nation March 11. It was a short speech that many found boring, touching on making vaccinations available to all Americans by the first of May, boosting the economy, re-opening schools safely, and holding the former president accountable for his pandemic failures.

Sleepy Eye Joe boring the nation to death with his first address as president.

Most viewers who tuned in to the address found it so boring, they either fell asleep or died of boredom. It was Joe Biden’s first televised speech since becoming president, and many viewers were expecting him to stutter his way through the entire speech or fall asleep in front of the cameras creating a national scandal that Fox News would harp on for the next four years.

Those viewers who struggled to keep themselves from succumbing to sleep or death from boredom, found the speech either sensible or unintelligible. Those who found it sensible praised Biden’s leadership, while some of his critics had rather silly and nonsensical reactions. The following are just a few of the silliest and embarrassing reactions to the president’s address.

Fox News contributor and The Federalist publisher, Ben Domenech – AKA Mr. Meghan McCain –  on the Fox Business Network:

“This just another speech from a senile old fart who thinks he’s in charge of things, but it’s actually his wife – who also thinks she’s a real doctor – who’s in charge of everything. I almost fell asleep, like most people who watched it. I could feel my eyelids drooping with every boring word, terrified that at any moment I would fall into the black hole of death. It was so boring it was as if they had gotten the alien mannequin from that Star Trek episode to play Biden. I can’t remember the name of the episode , but it was the one that featured Ron Howard’s brother. I don’t think it would have mattered if they had, most people probably would have thought it was him anyway, since he actually looks like a mannequin. But dear God I could! And thank God I had tons of coffee on hand to fight off impending death!”

The other members of the panel laughed as if it were the funniest joke they had ever heard.

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich tweeted:

Sleepy Joe’s boring speech was the highlight of his presidency – his first major scandal. In one speech he managed to put half America to sleep and the other half to death through boredom. One half of 331,000,000 have died due to Biden’s speech. That’s more than 165,500,000. That’s more than twice as many that died of COVID. Will the media take responsibility and hold him accountable or blame it on Trump like they did with the coronavirus?

“Joe Biden isn’t a moderate. He’s a big government tyrant killing Americans with his boring speeches.”

Former governor Mike Huckabee:

“I almost ruptured my sphincter laughing at Biden’s ridiculous speech – until I broke wind. When he started patting himself on the back for taking credit for the vaccines made possible by Trump, it was the first time in my adult life I could have used a quality diaper.”

“I swear to God if I almost didn’t fall asleep listening to Joe Biden’s incredibly boring speech. Nothing can put me to sleep faster. I was lucky to be wearing my favorite pair of Pampers – the ones with the logo that I designed for the Ted Nugent super hero character, SpongeTed Squishy Pants – which I had just soiled when he failed to give Trump credit for the vaccines. The smell of my own diaper acted as a natural smelling salt that prevented me from falling in a stupor or death.”

We already knew Joe Biden couldn’t read a speech off a teleprompter without falling asleep. But in this case he managed to stay awake while putting millions into either a coma or death.

“It was the most boring speech I’ve ever heard. It was like watching one of those Warner cartoons – Sleepy-Time Possum, I think it was. I kept expecting to see Ma Possum rush out to bash Junior over the head with her bread kneader or Pa Possum to put on a dog suit to scare him into doing his chores – which in this case would be thanking Trump for the vaccines.”

Most Americans – even those who had fallen into stupors and comas – found the president’s speech sensible, despite a lack of stimuli. Those who had unfortunately succumbed to death, had no opinions.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Has “Democrat-Antifa Brain Rot” On Face The Nation Appearance

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Has “Democrat-Antifa Brain Rot” On Face The Nation Appearance


Since the disastrous Unite The Right rally in the summer of 2017, conservative media and the Republican party has been in damage control. Far right groups, including neo-Nazis, the Klan and neo-Confederates united in Charlottesville. They were Trump supporters and those who had voted for Trump. Trump called them “very fine people” and equated the counter-protesters to the Nazis they had come to oppose. One of these very fine people plowed through a small crowd of anti-fascist protesters killing one of them and injuring many others.

A few Republicans demonstrated temporary integrity to denounce and condemn the violence and Trump’s remarks. Even some in conservative media showed a bit of integrity to do the same. Others couldn’t bring themselves to criticize Trump. These conservatives went into overdrive to defend Trump’s remarks and whitewash the violence of that day. Dennis Prager, perhaps one of the biggest defenders of Trump, and who runs Prager University, created a video in defense of Charlottesville, titled The Charlottesville Lie. The video claimed that the so-called biased liberal media had deliberately lied and taken Trump’s statement’s out of context to smear him, to make him look bad, that he had never called them fine people. The video was easily debunked.

Ever since, the Republican party has scrambled frantically, attempting to save face, to distance itself from the extremists in their party, their ranks, pretending as if there is no connection between neo-Nazis, white nationalists, the Klan, and neo-Confederates with the Republican party. And conservative media has been a willing participant in that denial, that obfuscation.

Some conservatives went a step further, into conspiracy territory. It wasn’t really the so-called Alt-right that was responsible for the violence. It was really the left. The left had not only organized and set up the event to make Trump look bad, but Obama and George Soros – the boogeyman of the totally non-anti-semitic conservative right – were also behind it. This theory was voiced by Rush Limburger and several prominent Republican politicians.

During her Face The Nation appearance, Ronna McDaniel demonstrated that “Democrat-Antifa Brain Rot” is a fairly new disorder among Republicans, similar to Derangement Syndrome. Derangement Syndrome is an irrational hatred of everything someone says or does. With Republicans Democrat-Antifa Brain Rot is the insatiable urge to blame everything bad on Democrats. Cancel culture, racism, violence, and anti-Semitism, it’s all the fault of the Democrats, and their allies, Antifa and BLM.

Margret Brennan asked her how damaging the events of January 06 were to the Republican party.

McDaniel: “They were damaging to our country. I think it was horrific what happened. There is no American, Republican or Democrat, who looks at that and sees our Capitol attacked and feels good. And I think there’s a lot of self-reflection that has to go on across the whole country.”

What happened at the Capitol was not just “damaging to our country,” it was damaging to the Republican party. It put the Republican party in a bad light. It made the Republican party look anti-Democratic. If this had been Joe Biden claiming that the Republicans had rigged the election, had sued certain states to stop the vote counting, had his lawyers and supporters putting on televised clown shows disguised as press conferences, all which culminated in encouraging his supporters to march down to the Capitol to fight for him to stop the electoral certification of Trump, and do what they did… how would Republicans, Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN have reacted? They would have lost their shit. They would have been calling the Democrats the party of treason, they would have been calling for televised public executions of the Democrats, just as some of the assholes did with Mike Pence. There is no self-reflection that needs to take place with with the entire country. Only those who participated in it have an obligation to self-reflect on the role they played and the damage it caused to this country – McDaniel included.

Brennan asked her if Trump had done any self-reflection.

McDaniel: “I’m going to talk about me because I’m not going to speak for somebody else. What I will say from an RNC perspective is we’ve been more vocal in denouncing groups like QAnon. We know that anarchists came to Washington that day. There was a bomb placed outside of my building, outside of the Republican National Committee. We have a deeply divided nation. I will do that. I will denounce elements that pretend to be Republican and say we do not want you in our party. I would like Democrats to do the same with Antifa and groups that are anti-Semitic that masquerade as Democrats. and say you are not welcome in our party, as they burned down cities this past summer. I would ask the media to be more fair and how you report things. Don’t suppress reports on Hunter Biden and what’s happening with Andrew Cuomo and the immense failures and then highlighting things like you did with Governor Noem. Andrew Cuomo, what he had done, his policies killed people…”

The Republican party has not been more vocal in denouncing groups like QAnon – at least, not that I know of. A few maybe, not the entire party. The majority of the Republican party loves Trump, and are either QAnon supporters themselves, or don’t mind it’s presence and/ or influence in the party.

Trump supporting extremists came to the Capitol that day, and one or several of them placed explosives outside the RNC and DNC headquarters, probably the night before. Yes, the nation is deeply divided. And why is it divided? It certainly isn’t Democrats who are dividing it. I could name that party, but it’s obvious.

Again, I haven’t heard any wide spread condemnation of Marjory Taylor Green’s radical extremism, her racism, anti-Semitism, or her violent rhetoric. Whenever Republicans are called on to denounce extremism in their own party, they pivot to what-aboutism, what about the Democrats. Donald Trump did exactly that during the NBC televised Town hall where Savannah Guthrie asked him to denounce QAnon, which he could not do without bringing up Antifa and the left. It always comes back to Democrats, the left to Antifa. Democrats must denounce Antifa, a small amorphous movement of anti-fascists, whom the right has exaggerated and hyped as a national terror threat. It’s not the actual, real terrorist groups on the far right that share the same politics, the same ideologies with the mainstream conservatives, some of whom have carried out murders of immigrants and Jews… they’re not the real threat, as the Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies have confirmed. It’s really Antifa and BLM who dare show up at white supremacist and Trump rallies to scream in the face of a Nazi. That’s the real threat to a conservative. Even when Democrats denounce and call out violent tactics of Antifa, conservatives like McDaniel pretend it never happens.

She alludes to groups that burn down cities. No city, that I am aware of, has been burned to the ground. Then says the media must be more fair in it’s reporting. She unironically brings up the Hunter Biden story that even Fox News did not find credible, and pivots directly to Andrew Cuomo “and his immense failures,” accusing him of killing people, but, of course, has nothing to say about Trump’s immense failures to keep the public safe during a pandemic. It’s just blame Democrats, blame Democrats, blame Democrats for everything all day long. Democrats are responsible for Antifa, for everything Louis Farrakhan says about Jews and white people; they are responsible for racism, abortion, anti-Semitism, sexism, cancel culture; for suppressing free speech. It must be a perpetual apology tour – like the one they accused Obama of – atoning for every evil in the world. But even that wouldn’t satisfy conservatives. They would just find something else to bitch about and blame on Democrats.

Brennan said Cuomo wouldn’t like some of her questions if he came on her program, and McDaniel said he deserved it, because the “media as a whole has ignored Andrew Cuomo. Anyone who isn’t living in a conservative media bubble would know that just the opposite is true.

She then asked McDaniel about Liz Cheney lamenting being viewed as the party of white supremacy, and asked McDaniel if she would make it clear that the Republican party is not the party of white supremacy.

McDaniel: “A hundred percent. We passed a resolution unanimously from the RNC members three years ago saying we condemn white supremacy, anti-Semitism, KKK, and I’m going to add QAnon to that. They are not welcome in our party. I have not seen Democrats do that with Louis Farrakhan, who calls the  Jewish people termites. I have not seen them do that with Antifa, who last night committed violence again in Portland.”

It’s disappointing when mainstream media fail to do their jobs when talking to these Republicans who lie so easily with a straight face. It’s disappointing that Brennan allowed her to ramble on and lie without once pushing back, challenging her and fact checking some of her claims. There were three RNC resolutions. One of them supposedly condemned racism from white supremacists, but not the bigotry and hatred from Trump or the Republican party. Another one simply condemned the Southern Poverty Law Center for daring to call out and condemn hate groups, the majority of which happen to be conservative, which is what they were really upset about. That one also called out the Obama administration.  I wonder why.

What Democrats have to do with Louis Farrakhan and what he has said about Jews or white people, I have no idea. Republicans have been desperate to connect him with the Democratic party for years, ever since that photo of Obama standing next to him appeared on the internet, just as they’re currently desperate to keep the narrative alive that their party is still the party of Lincoln, not racism, despite the fact that Republicans hate black people – Black Lives Matter are “racists, “thugs,” and “terrorists” – are the party that engages in voter suppression tactics, and are the party that have ironically and cluelessly  adopted the legacy of the Confederacy, who get butthurt when SJW’s remove their symbols of “southern pride and heritage.”

They have been trying to do the same with Antifa. Even though Antifa, who are not Democrats and are not supported by the Democrats – or vice versa – they constantly claim that Antifa are either the “militant wing of the Democrats,” or they “refuse to condemn their violence,” despite the overwhelming evidence that many Democrats have done so. Again, the idea that Democrats must denounce and condemn Antifa and other left-wing SJ’s, is absurd. They don’t have to denounce Antifa. Democrats have never demanded the same of Republicans.

Brennan reminded McDaniel that the people who sieged the Capitol were carrying Trump flags, which was why Cheney voted to impeach Trump, and, of course, McDaniel had no defense whatsoever.

McDaniel: “But you know what? The Democrats have created a safe haven for Antifa. They have not denounced them. Nancy Pelosi said as cities were being ripped apart, people will do what they do. You can’t hold Republicans to one standard and not Democrats and that creates unrest as well.”

Again back to Antifa. Just as Trump could never condemn the extremist shooters who acted on his rhetoric and that of the conservative media, McDaniel could not bring herself to criticize Trump or the extremists who support him. Just lie about the Democrats creating “a safe haven for Antifa.” What did they do to create this safe haven? Set up sanctuary cities exclusively for anti-fascists?

As cities were “being ripped apart” due to police violence, Nancy Pelosi said “people will do what they do.” In the conservative bubble means this means she was “dismissing violence,” and “encouraging mob violence,” which every right-winger on Twitter said she was doing. She wasn’t. Conservatives are so dim-witted they are unable to comprehend anything they read, which is why they are always taking everything Democrats say out of context. Pelosi’s comments on the protesters toppling the statue of Columbus in Baltimore were nuanced. When asked by a reporter whether it should have been done by a commission or city council, instead of a mob, Pelosi said, “People will do what they do. I do think that from a safety standpoint, it would be a good idea to have it taken down if the community doesn’t want it. I don’t know that it has to be a commission but it could be a community view. Sometimes it’s something that’s been there, that view has been there for a while, but let’s just say… I always say to young people, children who come to the Capitol, when you look around you see statues to people and Washington monuments and the rest who we respect. Washington, Jefferson. Heroes, they would want us to be talking about the future, your future. So everything we do here is about you. It’s not necessarily… they would want it to be about looking forward, not looking back. So let’s just think about what are the values, the vision, the perspective that we enshrine and how that benefits our children rather than having a big fight about was somebody worth it. We know they’re not worth it if they committed treason against the United States.”

Because Conservatives hate Pelosi so much, they took one sentence – people will do what they do – and had a Twitter tantrum accusing her of encouraging violence. Again, she wasn’t. The people encouraging and inciting violence are conservatives, the Marjory Taylor Green’s and the Lauren Boeberts in Congress, and the Republican party has actually given them a “safe haven” within the party. “Democrats have created a safe haven for Antifa,” my ass!

Brennan then asked her if Marjory Taylor Green is representative of the kind of woman she wants to draw to the Republican party.

McDaniel: “Well, you know, I’ve been very vocal about her comments. She apologize for them. I’m glad to see she did and her district will decide that. But we have increased women . We’re now thirty-eight women in Congress in the Republican party. That’s the highest we’ve ever had. And here’s the other thing. Women are suffering under the Biden administration. 2.4 million women have lost their jobs because of daycare issues. A hundred and fifty thousand last month. Women are going through a she-cession. Women are struggling because our kids are not back at school. I’m not saying this as a Republican. I’m saying this as a mother of two kids in public schools watching this rip apart my community as kids are suffering. So get it done. Get our kids back in school. And that’s what the Republican party stands for.”

McDaniel found some of Green’s Facebook post comments “disgusting, and have no place in our country,” which doesn’t sound very vocal to me. Has she ever confronted Green about those comments? Has she ever suggested that Green be expelled from Congress? Has she told Green to her face that she is not welcome in the Republican party? No, no, and no. She apologized for them, don’t you know? Everything is peachy keen now! Democrats need to just shut up about QAnon. The other thing is that women are suffering under Joe Biden’s presidency. 2.4 million women have lost their jobs because they can’t find any daycares to take care of their kids. That’s a lot of women who just suddenly happen to have lost their jobs in less than seven weeks. None of that could possibly have occured under the last administration. Oh no. That administration was perfect. They did everything they could to stop the virus in its tracks. They encouraged everyone to wear masks, social distance, stay home, wash their hands – you name it, Trump, the Republican party and Fox News pundits encouraged it all.

Who does she think she kidding? For a woman who claimed during an interview with The New York Times that she had regrets about allowing Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell the use of the RNC headquarters to hold their insane news conference – “When I saw some of the things Sydney was saying without proof, I certainly was concerned that it was happening in my building. There were a whole host of issues we had to deal with what is the liability of the RNC if these allegations are made and unfounded?” – I can’t take her seriously about anything. She was so concerned that she went and held her own news conference with Kayleigh McEnany, the one that even Fox News refused to air. They must have been competing to see who could be the craziest in their claims, and it just so happens that Giuliani and Powell were the more crazier. Too bad they didn’t win an award. Fox News would have devoted an entire week to it.

The last administration could have gotten the job done if it were not so inept. It could have gotten kids back in school, people back to work, if it had just done the right thing, taken the pandemic seriously, instead of complaining about tyranny for being asked to wear masks around others, to lock down. Instead it chose to encourage its supporters to storm Capitol buildings with weapons, to threaten Democratic leaders with death threats. Just as it encouraged its supporters to storm the Washington Capitol on January 06, not only to protest a democratic election, but to overturn it by force, mobs of psychopaths who destroyed property, murdered people, and then had the fucking nerve to say Antifa did it. And to have media – Fox News, Newsmax, OANN – that willingly and eagerly went along with its narrative of a stolen election, and to have a team of lawyers, and supporters who repeated that narrative during interviews and news conferences – Giuliani, Sydney Powell, McEnany, and Ronna McDaniel – and to continue to claim that the Republican party is the party of unity, of responsibility, the Constitution – is outright laughable.

And Margret Brennan’s failure to press her on any of this, is disappointing.

Laura Ingraham Tells The Rubes That  Democrats Want To Criminalize All Trump Supporters

Laura Ingraham Tells The Rubes That  Democrats Want To Criminalize All Trump Supporters


Conservative media pundits have often claimed that liberals and leftists never let a good opportunity go to waste… or something of that nature.

Conservative themselves never let a good opportunity go to waste. With conservatives, it’s Antifa. It’s how violent, radical and extreme the Democratic party is, the left and liberals. They totally ignore and pretend as if their own party, their own movement is completely patriotic and supporting of liberty – instead of the radical and extreme party that it really is – freedom and free speech, while hyping and over-exaggerating the anti-fascists and anti-racists as the real threat to free speech and democracy.

It’s called gaslighting. Making someone doubt or question their perception of reality, and conservatives have mastered it to a fine art. All one has to do is watch a segment of Tucker Carlson or Laura Ingraham discussing Black Lives Matter and Antifa. BLM and Antifa – both leftist, anti-fascist and anti-racists – are “thugs, criminals, and terrorists.” While conservatives – no matter how violent they are, such as those who marched in the Unite The Right rally, or murdered BLM protesters – are “law-abiding,” “very fine people,” and “heros.”

During a segment of her broadcast last week, Laura Ingraham tried really hard to convince the rubes that the Democrats are hell-bent on “criminalizing all Trump supporters as “terrorists.”

“The January 06 Capitol riot was a gift to Democrats,” she said smugly. “It gave them the video in the narrative that they’ve desperately wanted and they needed to justify a crackdown on the civil liberties of all conservatives.

“However, you don’t need hearings to know that dedicated men and women of the Capitol police were overwhelmed and unprepared for a breach.”

Only pro-Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol, had gotten inside, and ransacked it… have been charged with crimes ranging from felonies to misdemeanors. No one who stood by and simply watched , have been arrested that I know of. There has been no attempt to criminalize Trump supporters who protest peacefully, as there was with BLM protesters over the summer. These people have not had their civil liberties cracked down on, and neither have they been criminalized as terrorists. And one doesn’t need hearings to know that Capitol police were unprepared by design. It was obvious to anyone who knew what to expect from months of Trump, Republicans, and right-wing media pundits like Ingraham, complaining about mail-in ballots, and election fraud.

She said what happened at the Capitol was “despicable, criminal and infuriating,” but compared to other armed insurrections, “this one was pretty lame. And the loss of life that occured that day is still shrouded in mystery… from the get-go, the media saw this tragic day as an opportunity to tar the entire Trump coalition as a bunch of heinous terrorists… we still don’t know anything about the cause of officer Sicknick’s death, but we do know the entire life story of the idiot in the buffalo get up and face paint.”

A riot that resulted in at least five deaths, and injuries – most of them police officers – was shrouded in mystery and pretty lame? We may not yet know the exact cause of Sicknick’s death, but he was killed by the actions of a pro-Trump mob – that’s no mystery.

“If you voted for Trump, if you ever attended a Trump rally or posted support for his America First agenda, you’re complicit in the attack and you need to be shunned from society, lose your job, and you need to be banned from social media indefinitely. Make no mistake about it. What we’re witnessing at all levels of society run by liberals is a new Red Scare. But instead of targeting Marxists or communists, they’re fighting Americans in red states.”

If Ingraham wants to complain about people having their civil liberties violated and criminalized as terrorists, perhaps she should talk about Antifa and BLM protesters – an entire movement of social activists – who she and her colleagues at Fox News have never had any trouble tarring as criminals and terrorists over the years, and were quick and eager to blame for the violence at the Capitol. But she will never do that. She will never defend actual patriots who want law enforcement officers who commit murder, to be held accountable under the law, as those they murder are held accountable. She will never defend real patriots who want government to be less corrupt. She will always equate them to fascists because she is a fascist. Misrepresenting actual patriots as anti-American, and equating terrorists as patriots, that’s what authoritarians do. Antifa are the real fascists… and the Trump supporting mob that proudly wave those Confederate and Nazi flags at his rallies, and the shooters who have listened to his rhetoric and the rhetoric of the totally non-violent and non-racist Republican party, and their media allies like Ingraham… are the real patriots, the real pro-Americans with their America First agenda, which is an agenda first used by the Klan. So, yes, if you support it, then you are indeed complicit in the assault on the Washington Capitol.

Ingraham had this to say about who really may have been behind the Capitol riot. Calling into Fox News, she said:

“We knew this would happen when you had a huge group of people descending on Capitol Hill, when you have members of Trump support organizations and Antifa threatening to show up at the same time. We’ll learn more to the extent that that happened. I’m getting a sense that there’s clearly a big split in the MAGA groups that have come to peacefully protest with whoever is behind this intrusion in the Capitol, which by any account is unacceptable.”

On her broadcast that night, she said, “They were likely not all Trump supporters. I’ve never seen Trump rally attendees wearing helmets, black helmets, brown helmets, black backpacks – the uniforms you saw in some of those crowd shots.”

Ingraham says the Democrats want to criminalize people who voted for Trump, for attending any of his rallies, or supporting his America First agenda, and are complicit in the Capitol riot, should be shunned from society, lose their jobs, and be banned indefinitely from social media.

I would say: anyone who attended any of his rallies and listened to the violent and racist rhetoric, saw the Confederate flags flying freely and stayed silent.

Anyone who  listened to his rhetoric about Charlottesville Nazis and neo-Confederates as ‘very fine people’ and did not condemn it.

Anyone who saw the Nazi flags displayed and did not speak up, did not question their presence.

Anyone who has no problem with symbols of white supremacy remaining in a society – that conservatives swear is no longer racist – as nothing more than “Southern heritage or pride.”

Anyone who has no problem calling Antifa – anti-fascists – and Black Lives Matter “terrorists,” but revere white shooters who murder peaceful protesters as “heros.

Anyone’s reaction to a black president speaking on matters of race: “Why is he playing the race card?” ( the idea that black people have no right to speak about race without accusations of playing the “race card” is absurd ). But giving a white president a free lifetime pass on the race card.

And finally, I would say: anyone  – anyone, including Trump’s media lapdogs – who repeated the rhetoric and conspiracy theories of a stolen election – Dominion, George Soros, the ghost of Hugo Chavez, all of that shit – who egged on and riled up the assholes to get out in the streets with their “stop the steal” signs and chants, culminating in the ransacking of democracy and the Capitol.

These people are complicit in the raiding and the ransacking of the Capitol. They should lose their jobs, and they should be banned from social media forever. These people participated in a coup to interfere in a democratic election simply because their favorite narcissistic egomaniac didn’t get re-elected. These people should be treated like pariahs. It has nothing whatsoever to do with criminalizing ordinary, innocent Americans who are guilty for no other reason than voting for Trump.

Anderson Cooper Ridicules Ted Cruz’s Remark About Divided Country: “It’s Absurd And Laughable After His Failed Diaper Stunt To Protest The Electoral Vote”

Anderson Cooper Ridicules Ted Cruz’s Remark About Divided Country: “It’s Absurd And Laughable After His Failed Diaper Stunt To Protest The Electoral Vote”


CNN’s Anderson Cooper wasn’t buying Ted Cruz’s sudden concern for “vitriol and hatred” following the criticism he had received for fleeing from Texas during a major winter storm that left an estimated several dozen people dead and millions without power.

On his February 19 broadcast the CNN host ridiculed the Texas Senator in spectacular fashion, criticism that had been lacking in other media such as Fox News and OANN.

Cooper pointed out that at least six weeks previously, Cruz had objected to the electoral certification of Joe Biden – prior to a pro-Trump mob storming the Capitol that had essentially been egged on by the rhetoric of a stolen election.

Pulling up a video of an ABC interview, Cooper snarked that Cruz had shifted from Cruz control to damage control.

“We’re at a very divided place in our country where people are screaming vitriol and hate ( for no reason. I’ve never seen so much vitriol and hate for anybody, other than Donald Trump. First they hate Trump so much they spend four years trying to destroy him, and now they hate me for no reason and want to destroy me,” ) Cruz lamented. “( What is everyone so mad about? I mean, all I did was take a trip to Cancun during a winter storm that may have killed people. If we didn’t, we would have froze to death… is that my fault? Actually, if anybody can be blamed here, it’s my daughter’s. They virtually blackmailed me into going. They swore they would never speak to me again if I didn’t take them to Cancun. What else could I do? It wasn’t my fault. Snowflake didn’t blame me. He was frozen like a popsicle when we got back, but at least he didn’t blame me. He did blame the girls, though ).

“And you know what? That is a sad sign of where we are. I don’t do that to other people. You don’t see me screaming at people I disagree with that they need to resign. One of the things I’m most dismayed about is how in the last 24 hours this whole thing dominated the air waves instead of focusing on let’s solve the problems.”

“As a matter of fact, it has not dominate the air waves,” Cooper continued. “The Texas storm has dominated the news – the storm you blamed on your daughters.

“As for the country being divided, Senator Cruz, it really is absurd and laughable after you and nearly half a dozen Senators who were so butthurt over an election certification to confirm Joe Biden as president, decided to stage a ridiculous stunt – a coup to disrupt the confirmation by wearing diapers as a form of protest – the infamous “Diaper Caucus.” But, fortunately, your embarrassing little stunt failed due to the fact that rioting Tump supporters beat you to it… but in this case, they weren’t wearing diapers – at least not that I noticed.”