Charles Hurt: Democrats Want To Blame Trump For Everything; They’re The Real Mob

After the seditious rebellion against democracy on Wednesday, conservatives in the media have been whitewashing the event by either justifying or making excuses for what happened. They have also denied any culpability, blaming the left, Antifa, and even Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Trump Sycophant Charles Hurt lamenting the downfall of King Donald.

Charles Hurt, Washington Times’ opinion editor and Fox News contributor, told Fox And Friends that Democrats were to blame for what happened at the Capitol.

“I get this rush to want to blame everything on President Trump. Everything that is going on right now has been in the making for years and decades, of which politicians on Capitol Hill have been a part. The last thing they want to do is take stock of themselves and try to figure out, ‘OK, what have I done to make this worse or to create this situation?’ “

Excuse me? How exactly is this the fault of the Democrats? It wasn’t the Democrats who stirred the MAGA morons into a frenzy for months by lying to them about a fraudulent election. It wasn’t Democrats who claimed that mail-in ballots were fraudulent. It wasn’t the Democrats that fed them baseless conspiracy theories about voting machines, about George Soros, about Venezuela, and Hugo Chavez helping Joe Biden steal the election.

It was Donald Trump, his cronies, his lawyers, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, Judy Riuliani, and the one hundred plus Republican senators who went along and encouraged his BS. They are to blame. Right-wing media, Fox News, Newsmax, OANN, and the conservative pundits who repeated his BS claims, are also complicit. They are responsible. This does not fall on the Democrats.

Hurt said that within seconds of reconvening on Wednesday night, Democrats on Capitol Hill couldn’t wait to “accuse Republicans of treason and sedition.”

“Every ounce of hope we had that maybe this would be a unifying moment, we can come out of this stronger, just completely went out the window,” Hurt said.

You see, it wasn’t in the spirit of unifying that conservatives are supposedly so fond of, because Democrats demanded that Trump be removed via the 25th amendment, or impeachment. According to Hurt, they were so caught up in their “own mob mentality,” trying to outdo each other in their insane charges of sedition or treason, which has nothing to do with unifying or healing the division that “they” created.

Hurt concluded that both parties should do some soul-searching. However, it was clear that the Democrats who created this mess, had no intention of doing so, certainly not Sleepy Joe, or Kamala Harris.

Just what exactly we’re conservatives expecting the Democrats to do? Shake their hands and thank them for attempting a f***ing coup? Join hands and sing Kumbaya? Rioters had just stormed the Capitol in an attempt to stop the certification of a democratic election because their candidate lost! And it’s on the Democrats to call for unity? I don’t f***ing think so.

Where was the concern for unity from the Republicans when Trump was riling up the MAGA Morons? Where was the call for unity from the brown nosers in media, the Sean Hannity’s, the Laura Ingraham’s, the Jeanine Pirros? All we heard from them was how King Donald was the rightful heir to the throne of God and how the corrupt Democrats were stealing it from him. Did any of them pause in their frothing at the mouth for any “soul-searching”?

Did it occur to Donald Trump to do a little “soul-searching” as to what part he played in an attempted coup? Have the Republicans in Congress paused spitting on the Constitution and democracy to do their own “soul-searching” as to what part they played in subverting democracy?

I guarantee you… not a f***ing chance. For the next four years, they will be blaming the Capitol riot on Joe Biden and the Democrats. That’s what they do best, deny responsibility when at fault and blame everyone else, just as Trump did every time he f***ed up.


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