Ingraham: Virginia School Board Are “Petty Tyrants” And ”Perjurers Of History” By Renaming Buildings | Fox News

Laura Ingraham, a white supremacists BFF.

On the December 09 edition of the Ingraham Angle, America’s greatest reporter spoke truth to power when she informed her audience that the “perjurers of history” were doing their best to destroy the Virginia school district by renaming their schools.

Just as hundreds of school systems across America are using the COVID excuse, the Falls Church school board since March has closed its schools for in-person learning and it’s turned its student body into Zoom bots,” she told the rubes.

“But,” she added, “don’t think that during the shutdown, the Falls Church school board hasn’t been keeping itself very busy with other important work.”

She’s referring to the Falls Church school board voting 7-0 in favor of changing the names of two schools, Thomas Jefferson and George Mason High, despite 56% of the district voting against the name changes. The vote allegedly took place over Zoom.

Since the beginning, conservatives, including the media, have treated COVID as a hoax, have downplayed it, have claimed that masks are ineffective, and that lockdowns are unnecessary. Ingraham was one of those who spread misinformation on the pandemic.

The name changes apparently first came up sometime in June, after the George Floyd incident.

The petty tyrants on the board simply ignored this and sided with the perjurers of history. Look, if these folks really cared about traditionally marginalized people like students, kids, they would be spending their time by working on opening these schools.”

The school board members are “perjurers of history” and “petty tyrants” because they want to change the names of their schools that were named after Americans who kept slaves. And anyone who agrees is also a perjurer of history in the minds of conservatives. Anyone who wants to remove Confederate symbols from society are, according to conservatives, guilty of “wanting to erase history.” They cannot be put in a museum; they must remain so that history will not be repeated, so goes the conservative narrative. But that’s nothing more than a lame excuse.

Over the years conservative media has played defense for Confederate symbols, downplaying their racial and treasonous history, while at the same time accusing the Democrats of being the party of the Confederacy. And yet, it’s always been the Republican party and conservatives who have romanticized it’s “southern heritage” as heroic.

It doesn’t matter that the Klan supports the Republican party, Donald Trump, or votes Republican. It doesn’t matter that Nazis, and white supremacists just happen to be attracted to and support the Republican party. It doesn’t matter that white supremacist candidates have run for political office on the Republican ticket. And it doesn’t matter that a good percentage of Trump supporters just happen to be Nazis and white supremacists who love waving the confederate and Nazi flags.

It’s ironic that she would refer to anyone who wants to take down a confederate monument or rename a school, “perjurers of history.” If anyone is a perjurer of history, it would be Laura Ingraham and her ilk. She and other conservatives, have whitewashed and romanticized America’s racist past by defending monuments of soldiers who committed treason against the United States over slavery, and anyone who dares protest America’s veneration of its shameful past, then they are the enemy, they want to destroy history, destroy America itself.

Back in 2018 Ingraham wrote an opinion piece – Laura Ingraham: Enemies Of American History/Fox News – on protesters who “took it upon themselves to pull down a Confederate statue” of Silent Sam at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, in which she said:

Over the last few years, the statue has been labeled a celebration of white supremacy by some – and as a piece of history by others…”

“There is a movement, particularly among the young, to hate the past and eradicate anything they find objectionable or troubling. It recalls the destructive mindset of ISIS as they pillaged and wiped away irreplaceable historic and religious monuments from Palmyra, Syria – simply because they could.

No matter what one thinks of the Civil War or those who supported the Confederacy, it happened. And we owe it to the future to leave history undisturbed. Why not allow future generations the opportunity to mark this history, process it, and come to their own conclusions?

“By committing acts of violence to get your way, and defying laws to remove figures that you find offensive – you start to look a bit like the thing you’re protesting.” 

You can’t convince a conservative that a civil war monument is a commemoration of white supremacy. To them it’s just a piece of history , something that “just happened” during America’s glorious history. It doesn’t matter that it was shameful; it doesn’t matter that that “piece of history” involved treason and slavery. It doesn’t matter that “These statues were meant to create legitimate garb for white supremacy. Why would you put up a statue of Robert E. Lee, or Stonewall Jackson in 1948 in Baltimore?” James Grossman, the executive director of the American Historical Association, told NPR. You must accept it, you must shut up and honor it, and if you say or do otherwise, then you are not only a “petty tyrant” but are exactly like ISIS terrorists, and hate America and want to erase its glorious past.

Ingraham said in her article “why not allow future generations the opportunity to to mark this history, process it, and come to their own conclusions?” Well, the current generation of young people – liberals, progressives – have marked America’s racist history, have processed it as shameful and unacceptable, and have come to their own conclusions that it should not be glorified and honored. But the problem with that, is that it doesn’t align with the conclusions of Ingraham and other conservatives and how they view that history: that it has nothing to do with slavery but rather honoring “southern heritage,” and “southern pride.”

Back to the article:

Ingraham encouraged viewers to “start running for these seats and knocking out these goofballs” taking over school boards and local education departments.

“I bet after seeing this, millions of Americans are appalled because they don’t really know, they aren’t thinking about how politicized education has become.”

I can imagine the fifty IQ rubes who watch her, literally running out their doors believing they are actually more intelligent than the average school board member.

“It’s clear that children aren’t the concern. For these neo-Marxists that are running education, it’s all about remaking America.”

Those who work to bring change to the system, to make it better, are nothing more than Marxists who really just want to destroy it, as opposed to those who have no problem with keeping things the way they are, making sure that white supremacy isn’t challenged. These are the real patriots we must honor.

In defending monuments to the legacy of white supremacy, and defying the will of the people – 51% , according to recent polls – that they should be removed – you begin to look a bit like that which you are defending.

In Ingraham’s case, it would be a lot.


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