COVID Pandemic Exposes Ben Shapiro’s Big Brain

Big brained intellectual Ben Shapiro.

Fox News recently reported that “mealy-mouthed little weasel” my description not theirs – Ben Shapiro, wrote an “intellectual” piece – again my words – that the pandemic has “exposed a troubling authoritarian streak” – his words – among Democrats who “violate their own rules while imposing crippling restrictions on businesses and communities across the country” thereby proving that they are nothing more than hypocrites, all while accusing Republicans of being hypocrites for refusing to follow the same restrictions.

“When these political actors suggest that we must act out of an abundance of caution, they mean that they ought to enjoy abundance while benifitting from our caution.

He’s upset that Democratic mayors and governors have failed to follow their own rules and restrictions. Hypocrites!

“That’s no surprise,” he wrote. “Throughout the pandemic, one set of rules has applied to America’s most ardent lockdown advocates, and another set of rules has applied to everyone else.”

The same rules applied to everyone. Republicans, for the most part – and this includes some in the media – failed to follow those rules from the beginning – Donald Trump for one. Big brained individuals like Ben Shapiro and his buddies isolated themselves behind their mics convincing the rubes in their audiences that it was a hoax, that the economic shutdown wasn’t necessary, that their livelihoods were being destroyed by Democrats, that the current president shared no culpability, and what they really should have been angry about is how hypocritical the libs are.

Conservatives look up to Shapiro as if he’s an intellectual, but he’s nothing more than a partisan hack who panders to idiots who tells them what they want to hear. He’s not a bold truth teller. The only hypocrisy here is coming from conservatives. From the start of the pandemic Democrats have been a lot more responsible in their approach to handling it. Democratic governors initiated lockdowns and mask mandates in efforts to help curb the spread of the virus. Democratic politicians have worn masks in public, in the House and the Senate, while Republicans for the most part have refused to wear masks, and as a result, dozens of them have contracted COVID, while, to my knowledge – I may be mistaken – not one Democrat has contracted the virus.

And in the meantime, Ben Shapiro and his merry band of COVID deniers have sat behind their microphones, isolated in their studios away from others while telling their listeners and viewers that it’s just a hoax, that it’s no more dangerous than the flu, whining about shutdowns and convincing them that it’s akin to tyranny, to get out and protest, which many of them did, while their blameless president continued holding his rally’s where most of them did not bother wearing masks because he couldn’t be bothered to wear one himself.

If that isn’t hypocrisy, then nothing is. To criticize Democrats as hypocrites for being more responsible in their approach to the virus just because on occasion a few Democrats have not worn masks in public places, while making no arguments for their own behavior, is ironic. Were Shapiro and his fellow COVID deniers critical of Trump’s rallies? No. Did they have any condemnation for the armed and maskless protests? Hell no. All through the pandemic they sat behind their microphones in their private studios in their million dollar mansions complaining about government tyranny while having nothing to say about the armed protesters they inspired through all of their bitching and moaning about the economic shutdown, blaming it all on the Democrats, while portraying themselves and Trump as saints and saviors, while accusing the left of being hypocritical.

They could have better spent that time calling for Congress to enact a UBI throughout the length of the pandemic, instead of convincing the rubes that defying restrictions is somehow patriotic and pretending that their actions would have no consequences, that everything that happens as a result could be blamed on the Democrats, that they’re the ones who are responsible for their problems, deflecting any responsibility from their own party, Trump and themselves for their actions and rhetoric in perpetuating the pandemic. Smugly accusing the “elitist Democratic establishment pricks” of engaging in a conspiracy to destroy Trump, of rigging an election, while portraying themselves as non-elitist, non-establishment, who are so concerned about saving America from the radicals, the economy, as they sit bravely behind their microphones in their multi-million dollar studios and multi-million dollar homes and arrogantly and smugly lecture to the rest of us about hypocrisy, while they laugh all the way to the bank to deposit their multi-million dollar checks.


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