CNN Host Compares Trump Election Challenge Lunatics To ‘Confederates’ – “Crybabies” Is More Appropriate

For months leading up to the election, Trump complained about mail-in voting to sow doubt in the MAGA crowd about it’s validity and integrity. He claimed the Democrats would use it to cheat, to rig the election, to commit fraud. It was an effective strategy to brainwash the rubes and they fell for it hook, line and sinker, convinced that their lord and savior was being cheated as the rightful heir to the throne.

The election came and passed, and there has been no evidence to show that there has been any widespread fraud, and yet Trump and his lawyers, and allies in media, have continue to challenge the legitimacy of the election, and cling to the fantasy that “he won by a landslide,” and that Sleepy Joe Biden who is supposedly so incompetent and senile, has somehow managed to mastermind an elaborate conspiracy to manipulate voting machines all over America to switch votes for Trump over to Biden, all with behind the scenes assistance from George Soros, Russia, China, and the evil spirit of Hugo Chavez.

Despite nearly every case being dismissed, Trump and his team of clowns continue to embarrass themselves and demonstrate how much they despise democracy, and Trump media continues to push the myth of election fraud despite any lack of evidence.

On this past Wednesday’s Reality Check, CNN’s John Avalon allegedly compared Trump and the MAGA crowd to “Confederates” for continuing to challenge the election results. I say “alleged” due to the fact that Fox News has a reputation for not being the best of reliable sources – an accusation they often make against CNN and MSNBC, with no self-awareness – and also because every source I could find linked directly to Fox News, and Fox News linked to an article at Newsmax, an even more dubious source. Neither Fox or Newsmax linked to CNN or a video, so… I remain skeptical. If he did compare the lunatics to secessionists, then I see no problem with it, since some of them have expressed a desire to secede, such as more than one hundred Republican members of Congress, and the Texas GOP chairman, Allen West who threw a verbal tantrum after the Supreme Court dismissed their election lawsuit:

“The Supreme Court, in tossing the Texas lawsuit that was joined by seventeen states and one hundred and six US congressman, has decreed that a state can take unconstitutional actions and violate its own election law. Resulting in damaging effects on other states that abide by the law, while the guilty state suffers no consequences. This decision establishes a precedent that says states can violate the US constitution and not be held accountable. This decision will have far-reaching ramifications for the future of our constitutional republic. Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution. The Texas GOP will always stand for the Constitution and the rule of law even while others don’t.”

These people – Allen West, the Republican Congressmen who endorsed this ridiculous lawsuit, and all of the Trump bootlicking sychopants in the media, as well as his fringe QAnon-loving base of lunatics – are not patriots. They are unAmerican. They hate America. I feel comfortable saying it. They hate the Constitution and everything it stands for. They believe the Constitution should work for them, and them only. If they respected the Constitution and the rule of law, they would accept the results of the election like adults, instead of throwing a hissy fit like a two year-old toddler who can’t have it’s way. But nothing less can be expected from a president who acts like one himself.


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