John Brennan Calls Trump Team And MAGA  Supporters “Diaper-Wearing Dictators” For Trying To Overturn Elections

From Fox News:

Former CIA Director John Brennan said Wednesday that those who continue to deny President-elect Joe Biden’s win and attempt to overturn the results, are “advocating for authoritarianism.”

“Those who continue to deny and fight against the election of Joe Biden are advocating for authoritarianism. They want their bully dictator to remain in power. Full stop ( They are so butt-hurt that Trump lost a fair election due to the fact that he utterly failed in his response to the coronavirus, that they have resorted to making up elaborate conspiracy theories to make excuses for his failures.

“Yes, democracy is messy and at times uncomfortable, but as often quoted, it beats all the alternatives ( The alternative is a responsible adult who cares about people and their needs, as opposed to a gigantic baby  in diapers who cares only about his own needs ). #TrumpTeamDiaper-WearingDictators.

Brennan served as former President Obama’s CIA director from 2013 until President Trump took office. The two have sometimes traded jabs with each other on twitter. Trump has referred to Brennan as a “political hack,” and revoked his security clearance in 2018, while Brennan has often referred to Trump and his MAGA Supporters as “diaper-wearing dictators” for refusing to accept the results of the election.

Brennan’s tweet came the same day 17 Republican attorneys general signed onto a Texas lawsuit to overturn the election results in Georgia, Michigan, Washington and Pennsylvania.

Several MAGA supporting Republicans took umbrage with the tweets. Second amendment enthusiast Dana Loesch wrote:

“It’s a combo distraction from the fact that radical socialist Sleepy Joe slept his way through the election while his his radical socialist cronies did all the work rigging the election in his favor.

Charlie Kirk wrote:

President Trump won every state by millions of votes. The fact that Democrats refuse to admit they cheated means they are the diaper-wearing babies, not conservatives.

It should be noted that Charlie Kirk is the one who lead a TPUSA protest against safe spaces in 2017 at Kent State University, in which participants wore diapers and sucked on pacifiers. Someone also reminded him on twitter.

Glenn Beck tweeted:

“We’re all f***** now. Joe Biden will accomplish what Obama failed to do in eight years: confiscate all guns and throw conservatives in Fema camps!

The most interesting tweet came from Sydney Powell, Trump’s disgraced former team lawyer:

“President Trump won the election by a landslide, by millions of votes in every state. He won the electoral vote as well as the popular vote, as we have already proven – with “mountains of evidence that came down through a fire hose” – in court and on TV. THE KRAKEN HAS BEEN RELEASED!!

Other twitter users reminded her that the Kraken had not been released, and that she was delusional, which is probably why she was no longer working for Team Trump.


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