Kenosha Killer’s Wing Nut Lawyer Urges MAGA Morons To “Dust Off Those Second Amendment Rights” To Stop Re-election ‘Theft’

The attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse – the seventeen year old self-appointed vigilante who shot three BLM protesters over the summer, fatally wounding two – recently compared his client to a Revolutionary War hero on twitter.

The attorney, John Pierce, a MAGA wing nut, has been whining with the rest of the MAGA wing nuts that the recent election was stolen from King Donald the rightful heir, despite the fact that there is no evidence to back up their claims. Numerous claims of fraud, and irregularities have been alleged by the Trump team, as have numerous cases filed in court, but all have been dismissed due to lack of evidence. But none of this matters to the MAGA Chuds. Trump is the definitive authority on fair elections and when he says he was robbed, you better believe it.

Pierce tweeted:

Time to dust off those second amendment rights. Founders put it there for a very specific reason.”

And that reason is, apparently, to take up arms against your fellow Americans if they disagree with you, or when something doesn’t turn out in your favor.

“Trump won in a landslide,” he wrote in a second tweet. “The triad of Big Tech, mainstream media and the CCP is trying to steal it. Obvious. Do not let them. Do not give an inch. Fight over every single hedgerow. Nothing less than our freedom hangs in the balance.”

Trump lost in both the popular and electoral college votes, but somehow he still managed a landslide victory. For months they have been crying that the election was rigged. Have they provided a single shred of evidence? No. No evidence, just excuses and false claims. But it’s a sure thing that Big Tech, the Lamestream Liberal Media, and the Communist Chinese party have conspired to make sure that the commie-socialist Sleepy-Stuttering Joe Biden would be their next president. But somehow they totally forgot to rig the Senate and House elections. Conspiracy!

In a third tweet he wrote, “All combat takes place at night. In the rain. At the intersection of four map segments. No matter the hardships that fortune brings over the coming months, never surrender. We will win.”

Other social media users accused Pierce of inciting violence, but Pierce insisted that his references to combat were just metaphors. Of course they were. Who could possibly believe that a Trump supporter would be inciting violence against anyone who didn’t believe that he was anything less than that annointed by God? Only a libtard would come to that conclusion.

Pierce later told the Daily Beast via email, “Our true enemy is the Chinese Communist party. All Americans must unite together in this time of adversity as we always have. E Pluribus Unum. We are one family and one nation under God. We must all unite in peace and insist on free and fair elections.”

If this clown considers China the true enemy of the U.S., then why is he on twitter egging on the MAGA crowd to take up arms because the election didn’t turn out in their favor? Metaphors, my ass. Sounds like he considers his own government the enemy.

And then he contradicts himself, as Republicans always do – without realizing it – with ‘we must all unite in peace and insist on free and fair elections.’ Well, we had a free and fair election, and he and the MAGA lovers refused to accept it. Just because their man didn’t win, doesn’t mean they were not fair.


One Reply to “Kenosha Killer’s Wing Nut Lawyer Urges MAGA Morons To “Dust Off Those Second Amendment Rights” To Stop Re-election ‘Theft’”

  1. Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero. When you take out a sex-offender, a burglar and a wife-beater in one night, while acting in self defense, you’re a goddamned hero. I thought you lefties were all about punishing white men for their crimes against humantiy. Well, Kyle should be your poster boy. He killed two white male criminals, crippled a 3rd and managed to avoid shooting the black dude that kicked him in the head.

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