Right-wing Loons: “Biden’s Agenda Is A Commie-Scocialist-Antifa-Black Lives Matter Plot To Enslave Conservatives In Gulags”


According to Rawstory, Sleepy-Stuttering Joe Biden is not yet president and the wing nut right are fear-mongering about how he will destroy capitalism.

Conservative media are trying to convince the rubes who listen to and watch them, that Sleepy Joe’s so-called Build Back Better slogan isn’t really a slogan at all but a sinister plan to enslave all of humanity – especially conservatives who are already enslaved by Democrats on their plantation – and throw them all in gulags or Fema camps. This insidious plan was destined to be carried out by the Chicago communist-raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel , ACORN community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama – according to Uncle SpongeTed Squishy Pants – after he confiscated everyone’s guns, but apparently this will finally be accomplished under Biden.

“Biden said he wants to build back better,” said Trump sycophant Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway on the November 21 episode of her Newsmax show, Diamond And Silk: Crystal Clear. “But he doesn’t want to build back better. He wants to take this economy ( and ruin it by turning it over to China by mandating lockdowns, social distancing and wearing masks, which everyone knows will lead to socialism, and if anyone disobeys they will be enslaved in Russian gulags ).”

The most popular hosts on Fox News, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham have also been successful in exploiting the fears of the rubes about Barack Obama to fear-monger about Sleepy Joe’s “socialist agenda”, which in reality has to do with rebuilding the economy, the infrastructure, and racial inequality.

“His handlers, who are basically all Obama staffers, believe in something called the Great Reset of capitalism,” Ingraham said earlier this month. “It’s a ( commie-socialist, Antifa-Black Lives Matter ) plan to force a more equitable distribution of global ( wealth ) and resources. ( It’s a plan very much like the supposed Green New Deal that would also ban not only oil and gas but cow and human gas, Big Macs, Mac And Cheese, Happy Meals, planes, trains and automobiles, and Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’ve already seen the left and the Democrats attacking Thanksgiving because they don’t want us to get together because of this hoax called COVID.”

Right-wingers have been fear-mongering about the Great Reset for some time to portray Coronavirus restrictions as part of a sinister plan to destroy capitalism, despite the WEF’s ties to corporations like apple and Pfizer, and that has been folded into Biden’s pending presidency.

“Now we have this push for what’s being called the Great Reset,” said Newsmax host Michelle Malkin on a November 21 program. “And every aspect of the way that we live our lives, how we worship, whether we’re allowed to, how we’re raising our kids, how their allowed to access education, is being transformed based on nothing that is actually supported by real science. ( This is all just a commie-socialist-Antifa-Black Lives Matter plot to herd every Republican into gulags and Fema camps like Diamond and Silk said, and only Donald Trump can save us ).”


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