Laura Ingraham: Liberals Want To ‘Shame You’ For Spending Thanksgiving With Family, Not Protect You From COVID’

As health experts and state authorities are concerned about possibly spreading the coronavirus to the most vulnerable during the holidays, Laura Ingraham is preaching to the rubes that it’s all about control, because they hate you, they hate freedom and liberty, and they hate Thanksgiving just as much as they hate Christmas, and they don’t want you to spend time with your families during these hateful holidays.

Democrat state leaders aren’t going to let the holiday season interfere with their attempt to reach into every single part of your life during the coronavirus pandemic, the intrepid Laura Ingraham said Tuesday on the Ingraham Angle.

“Liberals who worship at the alter of Dr. Fauci have no problem reaching into your homes and demanding that you behave in a certain way,” Dr. Laura told the rubes. “Socializing with people outside of your immediate cohort or family or your bubble is verboten. And if you had Thanksgiving plans, they want to shame you into cancelling them.”

That’s right, they want to shame you into getting together with your family and loved ones because you’re a bad person for believing that Donald Trump knows more about science than an actual doctor. They want to shame you because you know that masks don’t work. It has nothing to do with protecting the most vulnerable from the coronavirus, as they claim. It’s tyranny!

Ingraham said the efforts to tighten control over American lifestyle, and, eventually, the virus, is just the beginning of the Democrats’ inevitable lockdowns with Joe Biden in office. Even though, she explained, a nationwide shutdown proved to not be effective the first time.

“The virus is a terrible tragedy but unfortunately one that we’re going to have to learn to live with, using smart, narrowly-tailored, simple health measures.”

The reason we’ve had 259, 005 COVID fatalities is because of an irresponsible federal government led by an irresponsible president who has failed in his duty to protect the American public during a health crisis. He failed from the beginning to take it seriously, he failed to mandate testing, he failed at mandating masks, failing to wear one himself, and he failed to encourage the rubes who voted for him to take them seriously. He complained non-stop about lockdowns, while continuing to hold his rallies where most of the cult failed to wear masks. He has lied every step of the way. He has blamed Obama for his own failures, and in the last remaining months of his term, he has claimed that the pandemic is under control.

These are the reasons the lockdowns were ineffective. These are the reasons we’ve had to live with it. It has very little to do with how the health experts and the Democratic governor’s have responded to the pandemic, who have shown far more responsibility in mandating lockdowns and wearing masks. And Fox News is just as complicit in the deaths of those 259, 000 as is the president of the United States.


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