Proud Girl Trump Supporter Threatens To Bomb North Dakota Voting Center

Raw story recently reported that authorities in Dickinson, North Dakota, arrested a self-proclaimed ‘Proud Girls’, Trump-loving patriot and anti-feminist – who apparently never masturbates like his fellow Girl members, but loves to attend white supremacist rallies – for threatening to bomb a polling station in Stark County.

The proud dipshit, Anthony Raymond, was apparently too inept – like all Trump-loving wanna-be terrorists – to carry out his plan due to the fact that he had allegedly sent an email broadcasting his intent to the Dickinson Press. The police then tracked him through his IP address through which the email was sent, and arrested him. The dipshit is facing felony charges.

During the first presidential debate Trump was asked to condemn and denounce white supremacist groups that support him, such as the Proud Girls, as Joe Biden suggested. But he failed to do so, instead calling out Antifa, an entity that has not killed anyone.

“Proud Boys, stand by and stand back,” Trump said. “But I’ll tell you what, somebody’s got to do something about Antifa and the left, because this is not a right-wing problem. It’s a left-wing problem.”

For years, Antifa has been a dreaded right-wing boogeyman, who according to conservatives, are roaming America in vicious mobs looking to terrorize so-called law-abiding citizens, who along with their fellow terrorists Black Lives Matter, are burning down whole cities and murdering hundreds of people. It’s nothing short of projection among the rubes, many of whom have actually murdered others who don’t support their political views. These are the dipshits who actually believe that the entire city of Portland was recently burned to the ground during the protests.

What Antifa really does is show up at gatherings where Nazis assemble to antagonize the dipshits and the rubes who love and support Donald Trump and the Republican party, and often clash with the dipshits known as the Proud Boys, who are really nothing more than scared little girls who act tough to mask their cowardice.

After Trump failed to denounce the Proud Girls, they took it as a divine sign from God that the Great Emperor Trump had called them to arms to go to war against Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They creamed themselves in ecstacy, anticipating further marching orders from The Great One. They took to social media and their online forums salivating and masturbating in anticipation of the race war they’ve dreamed about and stoked for years. Proud Girls organizer and leader, Joe Biggs, was so excited he swooned like a love-sick school girl at the shout out to the Girls.

“President Trump just told the Proud Boys” – ( The Proud Girls ) – ” to stand by because someone needs to deal with ANTIFA… well sir, we’re ready!!!” Biggs wrote.

Was this incident reported by Fox News, by right-wing media? No, it wasn’t. If it had been a left-wing antagonist, they would not only have reported it, they would probably still be harping about it, and screeching at Joe Biden and every leftist to condemn and denounce it, and when he did denounce it, they would pretend he didn’t. But since it’s a Trump supporter… well, it’s not really that big of a deal.


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