Townhall: A Vote For Trump Proves You’re Pro-Black

From the Wing Nut News Files: Townhall:

Townhall is a conservative website that is not know for it’s publishing standards, which are rock bottom. They will allow anyone to write an opinion piece as long as it trashes the Democratic party or anyone on the left. Criticism of Republicans and Donald Trump are not allowed. They are just as bad as any conservative so-called news site, and that includes the worst of the worst, World Net Daily, Right-Wing News, and The Gateway Pundit.

After the events in Charlottesville, Townhall published a so-called opinion piece – Charlottesville: A Clash Of Left VS Left? – by crazy ass Trump supporter Arthur Schaper of the anti-LGBT group MassResistance. In the article he claimed that Antifa is actually fascist, and the alt right – Nazis, and neo-Confederates – are also left-wing agitators. I shit you not. It’s the oldest conservative trick in the book: absolve the Republican party of any responsibility when any extremist group that openly supports them, commits an act of terror – by blaming the left, and the rubes eat it like candy.

They do the same with race. To deflect any accusations of racism, they conveniently trot out the the same talking points: the Democrats started the KKK, Robert Bird was in the Klan, the Democrats keep the black community complacent on the Dem plantation by bribing them with welfare and food stamps. They conveniently skip over the history of the two parties during and after the Civil Rights era, or when confronted with this fact they totally deny it and create their own revisionist history that the two parties are the same as they were before the Civil Rights era.

If this were true, the Klan would still be a Democratic organization, not Republican. If this were the case, the Klan would be supporting the Democratic party, not the Republican party. If this were the case, why is it the Republican party defending Confederate symbology instead of the Democrats? In their revisionist universe, everything bad is on the left – not just communism, socialism, and Marxism, but fascism.

Another Republican trick is to get black people to trash black people in general and excuse the blatant racism in the Republican party. There are dozens of examples, but for the sake of argument, let’s go with Candace Owens. Once a liberal who experienced a racially biased incident in her past, she now shills for Republicans to reassure racist Republicans that the Democratic party of today is the same as it was of old. A nice grift for Owens. She gets paid well.

Which brings me to Carl Jackson. He wants you to believe that if you don’t vote for Trump, you’re not pro-black. He wants you to believe that if you support Black Lives Matter – a movement that wants to end systemic racism, police brutality and corruption – that makes you the racist and the terrorist. He wants you to believe that Trump loves black people – a man who spent eight years contesting the birth place and validity of America’s first black president – and was about to prove it – really, he was – to all of America after his re-election, with his great Platinum Plan ‘for black Americans scheduled to be unrolled in his second term.’

I have a question for Carl and other conservatives who are convinced that Trump is “the least racist president,” despite all evidence to the contrary: why didn’t the reincarnation of Abe Lincoln roll out this plan during his first term?

Perhaps he was too busy dividing America instead of uniting it, something you guys claimed Obama did? Perhaps he was too busy trying to convince mainstream Republicans that centrist Democrats are far left Marxists? Perhaps he was too busy trying to convince his base that Nazis were fine people? Perhaps he was too busy calling Antifa, and Black Lives Matter, terrorists? Perhaps he was just too busy trying to convince them that Justice Democratic Congresswomen were traitors and anti-American?

He had his chance, now he’s been voted out.

Carl says, “Just like Joe Biden, Chelsea Handler believes that blacks who disagree with her politics aren’t really black. Sadly, to our detriment many blacks have embraced this mentality that shames free thinkers as well.”

Apparently this standard doesn’t apply to Carl Jackson, who believes black people who don’t agree with his politics are not really black – unless they vote for Trump, that is. Carl doesn’t even see the irony.

As long as President Trump continues to deliver on his campaign promises” – ( lol ) – “minorities have no choice but to re-elect him” – ( lol ). “Let’s examine the records of the two presidential candidates.

He proceeds to criticize Biden on race, but, of course, conveniently has nothing to say on Trump’s record on race. He then moves on to “Trump’s economy gave blacks our lowest unemployment rates in history” – ( lol ) – “along with rising wages for all Americans” – ( lol, no ). “He also created Opportunity Zones under the 2017 Tax Cuts And Jobs Act, which entices private investors through capital gain tax incentives to create more jobs in low income neighborhoods” – ( lol ).

He makes no mention of the millions of Americans who are still out of work due to Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic. Everything’s peachy keen and for that reason,  “blacks should re-elect President Trump if they prefer results over Joe Biden’s rhetoric.”

That’s right, Trump sure delivered results we can be proud of. He ended the pandemic and put everyone back to work. Those are two reasons to re-elect him.

Too bad they didn’t listen to Carl’s sage advice. They would be so much wealthier and prosperous by now.

If Donald Trump and the Republican party are pro black, they can easily prove it by putting their support behind Black Lives Matter. By failing to do so, they have proven they are not pro black.


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