Laura Ingraham Urges Trump Voters To ‘Teach The Elites And Their Lackeys A Message’ By Re-electing A Lackey For The Elites

Laura Ingraham recently told her audience that there is no better way to teach the elites that voting for another elite is the perfect way to teach them a lesson they won’t soon forget.

“If you love America, if you think our experiment in democracy is one of the greatest triumphs of the human spirit and you reject this pay-to-play government symbolized by Biden, you must stand with President Trump,” the astute Ingraham Angle host said. “This is our chance. Never before in my lifetime have the elites gathered in such numbers or have spent such money to stop a political movement.”

By elites, Ingraham is no doubt referring to the secret cabal of liberal elites who have conspired these last four years to bring down The Anointed One Himself, Saint Donald The Divine, Donald “Abraham Lincoln” Trump.

Does Ingraham actually believe Donald Trump is not a part of the elite she likes to complain about on her program? Probably not. Most likely she’s just pandering to the rubes in her audience who do believe it.

When Ingraham says a “pay-to-play government symbolized by Biden,” she must be confused. Joe Biden is not the president. Donald Trump is the president. He is a symbol of its corruption. He’s a symptom of its corruption. Biden is irrelevant at this point. If and when he becomes president, then we can talk about him.

Ingraham says Biden’s establishment allies have controlled the levers of power in America for decades, but failed their constituents as time went by.

“They used to mock us, but now they fear us. They are right. They had their chance to govern this country for decades and they blew it.”

I believe Democrats were in control prior to 2017, and if I’m not mistaken, they did not exactly, blow it. Prior to 2009 there was a Republican administration that was in control for eight years. They actually did blow it. After the greatest terrorist attack on American soil, they managed to start two illegal wars, one against – Iraq – a country that had nothing to do with the attack, and crash the economy through Republican policies. The Obama administration came in, the economy made a gradual comeback – it was far from perfect, wages continued to be stagnant, people still worked s****y low paying jobs, living pay check to pay check, jobs were lost. Republicans and their lackeys in the media even blamed Obama and the Democrats for tanking the economy. Things were far from perfect under the Obama administration, there was plenty to criticize.

Now we have another Republican government with a Republican president who claims he’s done more for black Americans than any other president – poppy cock – lowered unemployment – poppy cock – made Americans safer – poppy cock – calmed racial tensions – poppy cock – and his response to the pandemic has been first rate… poppy cock.

They actually blew it. But according to Laura Ingraham, the liberal elite establishment used to mock them, but now fear them. Correction: they have been mocking and laughing all along, at a president who has been a huge failure, who has become a laughing stock, a buffoon, who says ridiculous s**t like this on the coronavirus: ‘we have it totally under control.’ ‘The Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus… they tried the impeachment hoax… this is their new hoax.’ ‘We’ve taken the most aggressive actions to confront the coronavirus. They are the most aggressive taken by any country.‘ So aggressive, in fact that well over 200,000 have died due to COVID.

Anyone who has been paying attention, knows that none of this is true. Which is why people are mocking not only him, but the buffoon’s who defend his incompetence. They had their chance to govern this country with any credibility, but they blew it.

She goes on to say that they are spending billions on spreading propaganda and lies about Saint Donald. Ironic. Since the beginning of the pandemic, all of right-wing media, including Ingraham herself, has been guilty of engaging in lies, misinformation, and outright propaganda regarding the coronavirus, first calling it a hoax to bring down the Anointed One, and then claiming they were serious about it all along.

“On Election Day let’s teach the elites and their lackeys a lesson they will never forget,” she concluded. “In America, power belongs to the people – all of the people, not just an elite few who write the checks every four years.”

If power belonged to the people, the ordinary voter, voting would change things. It never really does. Every four years we get the same crooked politicians who screw their constituents, enrich themselves through corruption, and are bought by the powerful and the billionaires to rig the system in their favor, and Donald Trump is a member of that club. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his rich and powerful buddies who put him in the White House. She doesn’t mind who writes his checks, or her own.

The establishment does not care who is in the White House. Re-electing Donald Trump won’t teach the ‘elite’ a lesson they won’t soon forget. They know they own him just as much as they own Joe Biden.

Ingraham isn’t fooling anyone but the rubes who watch her, who believe she is speaking truth to power. That’s embarrassing.


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